THIS Democrat Just Defended Trump To The Media! See Here!

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Republicans have led the charge in defending the President from the unfair treatment the media has given him. Democrats have been largely mum on them. In fact, they’ve tried to switch it around by arguing he is the one mistreating the press. But one prominent Democratic politician is coming to the defense of the President. It came right out of left field!


Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chaffee spoke earlier in the week and said that while he disagrees on almost everything the President says and does he agrees with him about the way the media treats him. Chaffee is a former presidential candidate as well.

Chaffee spoke with WPRO-AM radio station and blasted the mainstream liberal media and their flagrant bias when covering the current President. Chaffee said,

“It’s just a full onslaught against him and I think it’s kind of tiresome. He won. I didn’t vote for him, but he won, and let’s let him get his feet under him and try and build an administration, and move on.”

He admitted that he had actually voted for Senator Bernie Sanders when he was running for President. But that ultimately when he lost the primary he voted for the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during the general election.

He has a rather interesting history. Back in 2000 he was elected to the Senate as a Republican but then lost in 2006 when he was up for re-election. Then in 2010 he successfully ran for Governor as an Independent but switched to the Democratic Party in 2013.

Chaffee drew on his own poor treatment by the media when he was running for President for a short period of four months. He referenced voting against the Iraq War and what resulted because of his decision. He said,

“We got into the Iraq War and for those who have questioned it and voted against it in my case, they don’t want us talking about it. I found that out in the presidential race. They immediately went to trivial things like when I said the U.S. should adopt the metric system, and during the [Democratic presidential primary] debate, they [CNN] gave me eight minutes out of two hours. The people in the mainstream media don’t want to have a conversation about the war in Iraq. I kind of knew that going in, and it was just re-enforced by that experience.”

His own experience of being mistreated by the media was able to temporarily bring two people across party lines. In a time of such divisiveness who would have thought that the conduit of divisiveness is what brought two people together.

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