Democrat Presidential Field GROWS as Mass Governor Deval Patrick Enters the Race

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Deval Patrick, Former Massachusetts Governor, has been calling allies and friends on Wednesday stating that he has made a decision to run for president, according to two people familiar with the matter. The entrance brings the total back up to 17, after Mark Sanford dropped out this week dropping it to 16. Patrick’s strategy depends on doing well in early states like New Hampshire, being close by in Massachusetts.

Being one of the country’s first African American governors could also be politically beneficial in South Carolina, where a majority of Democratic primary voters are black.

Allegedly, the discussions about entering began before former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg teased a possible run last week. Patrick supposedly told his friends he regrets not moving forward with a 2020 campaign earlier this year and was trying to determine if it would still be possible.

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It would be expected, as a moderate, that Deval will peel off more voters from Biden, than Warren and Sanders. This could possibly close the gap, causing the former Vice President more complications as the primary season starts next year. The most recent poll, the Economist, has Warren overtaking Biden again nationally with 3 points, and Real Clear Politics has Biden in third place, behind Warren and Buttegieg in Iowa.

The field could definitely widen further. Bloomberg has made it clear he is sincerely considering entering. Hillary Clinton has done nothing but talk about possibly joining for weeks. The horse-race we see now, could seriously not be the one we see when the primaries begin.

Fox’s Juan Williams believes the entrance is in fact, a shot at Biden on purpose: “The problem for Joe Biden is age, and the fact that you see people like Bloomberg and now you see Deval Patrick – the former governor of Massachusetts – looking to get in, I think that’s a direct shot at Joe Biden,”

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The news comes as most polls show that Democratic voters want the 2020 field to shrink, not grow.

CNN reported just on Tuesday:

But what Bloomberg and Patrick may find if they actually hit the campaign trail, however, is that after four nationally televised debates and countless forums, rallies and town hall events with other candidates, there is little indication voters want more choices.

Of those who are already in the race, no candidate has been able to break out of the crowded field, which may be a function of it remaining so large this late in the nomination process.

Matt Spellman, a 49-year-old Democrat from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, didn’t mince words when he was asked earlier this year about how the size of the field impacts his vote.

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“It’s too big,” Spellman said in September. “It really is. I’m ready (for people to drop out). It’s getting to be too overwhelming.”

His thoughts were echoed by Lee Clancey, a former mayor of Cedar Rapids, who thought back in September that there were too many candidates in the race.

“We are getting to a point where we need to start winnowing the field,” Clancey said. “I would like to see people who have not broken out of the pack take a back seat.”

It will be interesting to watch. Could a wildcard like Deval actually stir things up enough to either win, or change the dynamic? Could Hillary actually join so late in the race? Who drops out next?

I have watched a lot of primaries over the years, and this one is the most fascinating ever, from either side.

Keep the popcorn coming!

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