Demented Harry Reid Blocks Veterans Suicide Hotline

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Over 20 veterans a day commit suicide and more than a third of the calls to the veterans hotline are not even answered. So it made perfect sense when an Iowa Congressman recently introduced a bill to help solve both problems. Of course, leave it to Minority Leader Harry Reid to block the vote on the bill.

Harry Reid, the same guy who “falls into treadmills” or has a bad experience with an “exercise band” blocks an urgent and essential bill that is desperately needed to support our veterans.  Veterans who have served our country and deserve the best treatment that we can provide. They deserve better treatment than what the Democrats and Harry Reid have given the millions of illegal refugees that have brought into our country, that’s for sure!

H/T GOP The Daily Dose:

Citing an “epidemic level” of veteran suicides, an urgent legislative response moved swiftly through Congress last week. But then it hit a wall.

 The Government Accountability Office recently found that the Department of Veteran Affairs’ crisis line failed to respond in a timely manner to between 20 and 30 percent of veterans who called or texted in need of counseling and support. Rep. David Young, a freshman congressman from Iowa, unanimously passed a reform bill, the No Veterans Crisis Line Call Should Go Unanswered Act, through the House of Representatives on Monday. By Wednesday, its companion bill had found similar support in the Senate—only to come up against outgoing Minority Leader Harry Reid’s rabid partisanship.

Speaker Paul Ryan tweeted his disapproval of blatant partisanship on the part of the Senate’s Democratic leadership:

“David Young has worked hard on a bill to make sure no call to the veterans crisis call line goes unanswered, but Harry Reid blocked it,” wrote Ryan.

Reid accused the Republican leadership in the Senate of being lazy, noting that legislators adjourned their latest session more than a week before the original schedule.

It seems the bill should have moved quickly through the process, but now may be stuck due to politics as usual. Young’s bill may in fact be stalled because he’s up for re-election in the battleground state of Iowa. Young deserves much credit for moving the bill “No Veterans Crisis Line Should Go Unanswered Act” through Congress to support all our veterans in crisis.

Democrats will point fingers and blame Republicans, but we all know what’s happening. The only way Democrats seem to pass bills is by adding some “pork”. Good thing Iowa is big on pigs. As for career politician Harry Reid, he should have retired a long time ago and maybe then he wouldn’t have had to worry about a “treadmill” accident.

On a serious note. The crisis hotline for veterans received more than 500,000 calls last year. The toll-free hotline number is 800-273-8255.

Our veterans deserve the best! I encourage you to drop Congressman Young a “thank you” on Twitter  @YoungForIowa

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