Demagogic Party 2016 debate, live from Sin City

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The Demagogic Party had its first 2016 presidential debate. The candidates made it clear from the outset that all the work of Bill Clinton and James Carville was for naught. The brief era where Democrats acted like normal human beings in the tradition of FDR, Truman and JFK was over. Democrats are determined to let the basket cases control the party.

Four elderly white liberal Metrosexuals were scared of an old white woman who is scared of the voters. These are the people who will take on ISIS once they bother to mention them.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper once made a bold announcement about his lifestyle. This led to people asking one question: What is CNN? Back in the 1980s it was a cable network of some sort that people watched.


Joe Biden plagiarized Neil Kinnock. Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and the rest of the Democrats on stage set out to copy Mao Tse Tung.

There were no highlights, so here are the lowlights.

Bernie Sanders had his suit jacket open because that’s how he rolls. Sanders wants to tax carbon. His charcoal black suit would receive an exemption. For a man who hates the rich, he dresses quite snazzy.

Democrats stood for the Pledge of Allegiance before debating how to best tear down the flag and the United States Constitution.

While there were initially loud cheers when Jim Webb spoke, it turned out to be people in the bar watching the baseball playoff game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the New York Mets.

Hillary Clinton actually said, “If you’re running, you’re going to change your position.”

Yes, if you are bloodless and soulless.

Martin O’Malley and Sanders would save America from job-producers on Wall Street.

Clinton was asked about paid family leave. She cited California and complained that paid family leave in the Golden State has not had ill effects. California is bleeding jobs, but Clinton meant it did not have an ill effect on her.

Bernie Sanders supporters held a contest on who can have the best stoner Instagram picture. Hillary Clinton held a stone-face contest. She won.

Not one Democrat opening statement mentioned radical Islam. Terrorists are laughing their heads off as they cut other heads off.

In reality, the world’s biggest threats in order are Iran, Radical Islam, and President Obama and the Democrats trying to succeed him.

Hillary Clinton claims to be transparent. of course she is. I can see right through her.

Hillary Clinton wants body cameras on people. So would I if I was married to Bill Clinton.

Hillary Clinton vowed to take on Lehman Brothers, which went bankrupt in 2008 and no longer exists. If she truly meant what she said, then she is an imbecile who has no idea what she is talking about. So are her supporters. Next she plans on going after Eli Whitney and banning the cotton gin. 

Sanders would not have let the economy collapse. He would keep it all on his strong, sexy Socialist shoulders.

Jim Webb woke up briefly from his tranquilizer-induced coma to offer a lucid point exposing Sanders and the rest of the panderers on stage.

“I don’t think the revolution is going to come and I don’t think the congress is going to pay for a lot of this stuff.”

Webb was telling his fellow liberals that they are crackpots. O’Malley wanted a green revolution, proving Webb’s point.

A young woman asked how climate change would affect her future, which is why the voting age should be raised to 30 or until a person pays taxes. She was unconcerned about getting a job because the candidates would pay for everything. Singapore institutes caning, and America may wish to consider that for Millennials.

Webb wants a national political strategy but did not say what it was. A good national strategy would be to fire every liberal Democrat in America.

If Hillary Clinton gets any angrier she will be confused with a Palestinian suicide bomber. She is one hostile woman.

Hillary Clinton cackles like the annoying woman with the crazy laugh in the Tena commercials. Let you be you? No, Hillary Rodham Clinton spends her life trying to be someone else. Based on who she is, she should.

Hillary Clinton lamented that, ”One third of black men born today face the prospect of incarceration in their lifetimes. We can do better.”

Apparently she wants more blacks jailed. Black lives do matter, as most of the candidates groveled on the stage to prove.

O’Malley struggled to remove his lips from Hillary Clinton’s posterior.

Of course Democrats on the debate stage support marijuana. Listen to their ideas. They were probably high while on stage.

The big winners of the Democrat debate were Vladimir Putin, ISIS, Iran’s mullahs, other radical Islamists, and all other global terrorists.

Putin was expected to send a horse’s head to the Democrat nominees. They will see it as weakness since they are horse’s asses. The donkey party is as the donkey party does.

Democrats are a party of toddlers who never left the school playground. They truly believe climate change is a greater threat than radical Islam.

No sentient individual believes that. We can debate tax policy, guns, crime, abortion, and other issues. Anyone deep down in their soul who believes that climate change is a bigger threat than radical Islam is an unfixable imbecile. The solution for these people is to take their heads and ram them into a wall until they knock themselves out. They should stay knocked out until the adults are finished working.

Real adults in this world are trying to solve real problems. Every imbecile who breathes takes time, money and space from lucid individuals.

In 2 1/2 hours, more attention was paid to climate change than all foreign policy issues combined.

Israel? 0 mentions. Radical Islam? Nothing. The Democrat debate was two screaming lunatics, two cowards afraid of Hillary, and one guy in a coma. Democrats were once normal people led by FDR, Harry Truman & JFK. Now they are children living in fantasyland.

Democrats are now controlled by Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Elizabeth Warren and the rest of the basket-cases.

After the debate, the contenders left the stage and boarded private planes to go get the endorsement from Che Guevara’s heirs.

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