Dem. Rashida Tlaib Accuses Border Wall Supporters Of Following A ‘Whte Supremacy Agenda’

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Rep. Rashida Tlaib is at it again. At least there is no doubt where she stands. Jake Tapper on CNN’s “State Of The Union” was more than happy to give her a platform to spew hatred and lies. She specifically went after Americans who support building the wall on our southern border. It’s a matter of national security, but Tlaib equated it with a ‘white supremacy agenda’.

Identity politics is big with the mainstream media these days and Tlaib checks off numerous boxes… she’s a Muslim woman and a radical leftist Democrat. CNN, along with other media outlets, rushed to exploit the tragic and senseless massacres at two New Zealand mosques in order to open yet another line of attack against President Trump. They are going to extremes to tie the slaughter to him. That’s just insane.

Remember, this is the woman who vowed to “impeach the motherf*cker” immediately after being elected to office. So, it’s not too much lower to stoop to using the Christchurch victims as an excuse to clap back against critics of her sister-in-arms and fellow anti-Semite, Rep. Ilhan Omar. Tlaib is one of her most ardent defenders. Both are virulently anti-Israel. She is also an admirer of hatemonger Louis Farrakhan and is strongly supported by the Congressional Black Caucus.

Instead of grieving for the dead and nodding to the fact that the guy behind it was deranged, Tlaib and others of her ilk are using the tragedy to promote their own intolerance and racism. Tlaib made her dislike for white Trump supporters crystal clear as well as any American who supports building a wall for national security and the rule of law as being racist. And not just racist… white supremacist.

From The Daily Caller:

“I think she becomes an easier target, is what I’m trying to say,” Tlaib stated when asked why there were strong reactions to Omar’s statements about Isreal.

“And that’s what worries me is that I don’t understand why others can say something probably is worse and probably stemmed on white supremacy can get away with it but then Ilhan, who is really coming from a place of disagreeing with the policies of the country of Israel, where my grandmother lives currently right now with inequality, is not treated with any human dignity. That if she speaks up, that it’s seen and because she’s Muslim and because she’s black, she’s an easier target for them to attack and target.”

“Tlaib also discussed the fact that Democrats attacked Omar’s statements, saying that other members of her caucus have said worse things than Omar did, and got away with it due to their privileged status.”

TAPPER: “You also said in a statement after the attack that you were angry at those who follow the white supremacy agenda in my own country that sends a signal across a world that massacres like this are some kind of call to action. Who were you specifically talking about?”

TLAIB: “The ones that stay silent and the ones that support the Muslim ban. Not only once, but twice, three times did we in this nation say to the world and to everyone in this country that Muslims don’t belong here. From the fact that every time we talk about a wall, it’s not about a structure, but about xenophobia, it’s about racism. It’s a symbol in so many ways of targeting brown and black people in our country. The fact that we continue to stay silent is what’s going to make us as a country less safe. And I can tell you, it’s not just brown, black people speaking up, it’s also white Americans across this country that are very distressed and also feel less safe because we’re not speaking up against white nationalism.”

I was disappointed that Jake Tapper did not push back at all over that statement. President Trump never called for a Muslim ban and Tapper knows that. He called for a proposal to limit travel from a handful of countries that are hotbeds of terrorism. He simply wanted those entering the country vetted first to make sure they were not terrorists but Tapper allowed Tlaib to twist that proposal into something it wasn’t. Typical.

From I Love My Freedom:

“Now Tlaib defends Omar’s anti-Semitism by portraying her as the victim as the tepid Tapper lets her get away with it.

“Not content to simply exploit the victims of the shooting, she uses her own children as human shields:

“It used to be that just calling someone a racist was enough for Democrats, now it has evolved into whoever they disagree with is a “white supremacist” or “Nazi” and this dangerous dishonesty has been sanctioned by the media.

“And just as George Orwell wrote in his influential classic Nineteen Eighty-Four, 2+2= 5 which is exactly what Tlaib is suggesting by equating the revulsion of anti-Semitism to Islamophobia.

“Sadly but not surprisingly, Tapper let her get away with the sort of disgusting bigotry that CNN has become a forum for in these sick days of fear and loathing and the rise of the totalitarian left.

“There will never be a decrease in hatred as long as the media allows the real racists and bigots to get away with this sort of garbage that is, unfortunately, believed by many angry and gullible people looking for someone else to blame for their failings.”

Very well said.

Sources: I Love My Freedom, Breitbart, The Daily Caller

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