Dem Netroots Conference Headlines An “Easy To Do” Abortion Using A Watermelon: ‘Thank You For Watching Our Abortion’

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Just when you think you’ve seen every vile, disgusting thing you can from the left, they go and outdo themselves. At the Democratic Netroots Nation Conference in Philadelphia, which embraces all things communist, activists performed a simulated abortion on a watermelon. They glorified the procedure as ‘easy to do’. It was meant to demonstrate the murder of an unborn child 11 to 12-weeks-old.

Abortion clinic consultant Jen Moore Conrow provided attendees with the step-by-step early pregnancy abortion process, according to the Washington Times. Cheerfully I might add. She stated that the procedure only takes 3 to 5 minutes and leaves women feeling “okay afterward.” Ironically, she did not perform the abortion process herself but rather left that task to an assistant. Typical – she didn’t want to get her own hands dirty.

When the assistant was done with the deed, Conrow triumphantly proclaimed: “That’s the whole shebang!” She thought it was such a success that during a later panel at the conference, she had the procedure performed again. Panelists sold the procedure as “basic healthcare” and “easy to do.” “Thank you for, uh, watching our abortion,” Conrow said.

This is simply horrific and downright evil. And they try to make it an ordinary occurrence. This conference hosts the biggest Democratic names out there and they are hardcore Marxists. The media also treat it as a mainstream event, glowingly reporting on it in a way they never do regarding CPAC. This year Elizabeth Warren, who has managed to climb into 2nd place in the 2020 Democrat primary, headlined the event. How appropriate.

In this woman’s hand is some kind of device designed to do the procedure. It’s not a coat hanger, but it might as well be. She proclaims it’s “easy” and “not surgery.” This is happening on stage in front of the same audience the major 2020 candidates are speaking in front of. The audience and panelists are actually clapping and laughing as this monster explains a horribly inhumane procedure that takes a baby’s life. This is where America has arrived and I would not be surprised if God turned His back on us just like Sodom and Gomorrah over it.

Even for a pro-abortion conference, this act was shocking in the extreme. It brazenly condones the murder of the most innocent out there. And it doesn’t take into account that do-it-yourself abortions are very likely to wind up killing the mother as well as the baby. They don’t care… it’s the principle of the genocidal act, after all, that really counts here. This isn’t ‘basic healthcare’… it’s butchery. At the end of the exercise, they mention this should be done in a clinic, but the example is very hands-on and do-it-yourself.

As Twitchy correctly pointed out, “The Left’s doing all the ad-making for Trump and the RNC at this point.” Yes, they are – they are literally guaranteeing that Trump will have a second term here.

They have turned the murder of babies into a sick, demented fetish that is so darkly evil Baal would take pride in it. The left no longer tries to hide their bloodthirst, immorality, and penchant for all things deeply twisted. Behold today’s Democratic Party.

Sources: TheBlaze, RedState, The RightScoop, The Washington Times, Twitchy

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