DeBlasio and Sharpton Dreaming of a Non-white Christmas

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Community organizers Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton and Bill DeBlasio have done their part to bring about the Christmas spirit in New York.

By Christmas spirit, they mean creating a climate where innocent minority police officers are shot to death and the city is burnt to the ground by liberal rioters.

We could give them all lumps of coal, but Obama is anti-coal. Besides, coal is black. DeBlasio would see the gift as racist.

Welcome to DeBlasio and Sharpton dreaming of a non-white Christmas.

Sharpton got DeBlasio to ban the racist song “White Christmas.” DeBlasio declared snow declared racist and announced he will not shovel it.

For Christmas, DeBlasio to demand NYPD work overtime to secure streets from DeBlasio voters trying to kill NYPD.

Samuel L. Jackson to release holiday songs, “Burn Gotham Burn, Christmas inferno” and “white cops roasting on an open fire.”

DeBlasio is banning Christmas caroling over the bigoted line “Don we now, our gay apparel.” The apparel is metrosexual, not gay.

DeBlasio lamenting dead cops is like Obama lamenting people losing their healthcare.

DeBlasio says we should report anybody harming police officers. I would like to report Mayor DeBlasio.

Obama and DeBlasio probably consider murdered cops to be victims of “life vandalism” rather than domestic terrorism.

Palestinians who murder innocent Jews are no longer murderers. From now on they should be called “community organizers.”

DeBlasio said that he fears for his biracial son. I also fear for DeBlasio‘s biracial son. The kid has terrible parents, one of each race.

DeBlasio looks like a man who wishes he were on a Hawaii golf course. Sadly for him the New York City Mayor must actually do his job.

DeBlasio to request that rioters be nicer to cops. He also asked Yankees fans to be nicer to Red Sox fans.

Jewish cops to work eight days straight. Islamist cops to be given time off so the rest of us can develop understanding and cultural sensitivity.

Asking DeBlasio to keep NYPD officers safe is like asking ISIS to make sure Jews are safe.

This concludes the 2014 DeBlasio and Sharpton non-white Christmas special.

To everyone else, Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, and to black Jews everywhere, happy Chaka Khan. We all need higher love.

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