Death Threats for Afghani Dad Who Named Son ‘Donald Trump’

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Locals are accusing the Afghani dad of giving his son an “infidel name” after he posted the birth certificate for baby Donald Trump online.

The toddler was named for the billionaire tycoon before he won the American election in the hope that he will be “just as successful” as the current President of the United States.

Donald Trump is the third son of the 28-year old Sayed Assadullah Pooya and was born in central Afghanistan and now lives with his parents and older siblings in a cramped apartment in Afghanistan.

The self-described Trump fan said that he and his wife have been the target of vulgar and insulting comments from people who dislike the name they’ve chosen for their son.

Social Media Death Threats

After someone else posted his son’s birth certificate (below) to Facebook, Sayed has been on the receiving end of death threats from people who believe that Sayed must be punished for giving his son an “infidel name.” Others are saying that to give his son the name Donald Trump is putting the boy in danger.

Speaking to media while Donald played with his father’s Samsung phone on the carpet, Sayed said:

“I didn’t know at the beginning that Afghan people would be so sensitive about a name.”

Sayed and his family are Afghani nationality but speak the Persian language. He has deleted his Facebook account but even his neighbors have threatened his family and telling them to leave.

“When I go out of the house I feel intimidated.”

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Inspired By Persian Translations of Trump Books

Sayed told local media that he was first inspired to name his son after the tycoon after he borrowed translated copies of Trump’s books from a local library. He said that research into Trump’s book, including How To Get Rich was part of the motivation into choosing the name.

The baby was born on Sayed’s family farm, where his parents and grandparents work to grow crops including almonds, wheat and corn.

Family Life For Baby Donald

Relations with the extended family broke down, causing Sayed and his wife to move to Kabul.

Donald is the youngest of three, and the five person family are living in an apartment that costs 2,000 Afghanis, which translates to $30 American per month. They live in a community with dirt lanes, mud brick houses and open drains. Drug addicts are walking distance.

Sayed’s wife Jamila also looks after Fatima, 9 and Karim, 8.

The parents have not broken any laws for giving their third an un-Islamic name according to the Population Registration Office in Kabul. Parents have the legal right to “name their children whatever they want.”

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Sayed believes that things will be hard for Donald Trump when he starts school.

“It is likely that he’ll be harassed or beaten by his classmates.”

But when asked if he’d ever change his son’s name?

“I won’t reconsider [his name]. To hell with other people.”

Baby Loves Pictures of President Trump

Baby Donald’s father said that he hopes his son will pick up on the same path to success and that being shown photos of his namesake already makes the baby “happy.”

Born in central Daykundi Province

Baby Donald Trump was born in 2016 before the election a central province of Afghanistan. The province is entirely Muslim and has a population of around 720,000 people. At almost 7,000 square miles, the province is about 4/5 the size of New Jersey.

Afghanistan is surrounded by Iran, Turkmenistan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, China and the Pakistani-administered and India-claimed Gilgit-Baltistan.

Donald Trump and his family now live in the Afghani city of Kabul, north-east of the province.

Closer Look At Birth Certificate

There are a few funny things on the Afghani birth certificates compared to what we’re used to.

For example, the certificate doesn’t mention the name of the child’s mother and they have a place for nomads to include their residence during different seasons of the year.

The certificate appears to be something that will follow a child for life, with room for officials to write in information on physical characteristics and military duty.

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Sources: Wikipedia, Al Arabiya English

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