DEA Agent Brutally Murdered By A Mexican Illegal Alien: The Cover-Up 20 Years Later.

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Murder and violent crime are serious and sad enough. But finding out someone was murdered by an individual who came into the United States illegally adds insult to injury. It makes the death senseless which is why this police officer’s story is tragic.

Former Phoenix Police Detective Robert Arce spoke to the media about the execution-style murder of his close friend and former federal agent. His friend was DEA Special Agent Richard Fass. Fass was murdered on June 30th, 1994 over 24 years ago by unregistered aliens in the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area.

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Arce told reporters,

“My friend begged for his life as illegal aliens from Mexico handcuffed him and murdered him. They didn’t care that he was pleading for his life and his loved ones.”

Breitbart News has been working extensively in Texas to uncover the large amount of crimes committed against American citizens by illegal aliens; statistics which were basically not reported on whatsoever under the Obama administration. Reporters worked with the U.S. Department of State to investigate Mexican transnational criminal groups under a group called the Cartel Chronicles Project.

Arce continued on stating the following,

“This occurred during an undercover operation gone bad in Glendale, Arizona. These illegal aliens were posing as sellers of approximately 20 pounds of methamphetamine, with the intent of luring Agent Fass into a robbery. These criminal aliens had no intention of selling Agent Fass the methamphetamine; they only intended to rob him of the $140,000.00 USD agreed-upon price.”

The retired detective went over all the gory details of the attack. He started the story saying,

“Once the illegal aliens determined that Fass’ partner (who was at another location) was in possession of the agreed upon cash, the suspects attempted to kidnap Fass and two police informants inside the auto shop where they had met. The two criminal aliens pulled out handguns and handcuffs and placed agent Fass on his knees. During an ensuing scuffle, Fass was able to retrieve a firearm and wound one of his captors, but he was then executed by the second suspect.

We all believe that Fass decided to go down fighting and did so by retrieving his concealed firearm and shooting one of the criminals. Tragically, when one of the criminals fired his first round at Fass, the round blew off the tip of Fass’s trigger finger and also damaged the trigger making his firearm inoperable. It was only at this point that the criminals executed the totally defenseless Fass. The two criminal aliens fled and were eventually captured in the nearby area. The third suspect who had ordered the kidnapping from a separate location fled to Mexico, but was later captured and extradited back to the United States.”

This is just one story of so many others that have yet to be made public about the threat our citizens face due to illegal immigration. Illegal immigration isn’t a marginal issue that only amounts to extra money in the budget being spent but real and very serious crimes committed against our own citizens.

Acre continued his account of the events,

“A total of four suspects were convicted for Agent Fass’s murder; three received life sentences. In the 80s and 90s, law enforcement agencies throughout the Southwest and California were required to recruit Spanish-speaking officers to work undercover narcotics, mainly due to the influx of illegal alien drug gangs who were pouring across the open southern border.

The same phenomenon occurred in Florida and along the Eastern Seaboard, as well as Chicago, with the influx of Colombian and Caribbean-based drug gangs. These assignments required officers with Spanish-speaking language skills that would enable them to gain the trust of the criminal alien gangs operating in the United States — these gangs in the southwest had direct links to Mexico. This work was extremely dangerous since it required face to face negotiations with heavily armed gangs that would commonly utilize counter-surveillance techniques, due to the large amount of money and drugs involved. It was not uncommon for undercover officers to discover that these drug gangs were very sophisticated with their own surveillance techniques.

During this time, these undercover teams were operating from the seat of their pants, developing their tradecraft as they went along. There was very little training available to the undercover officers, and what was available were basic drug identification courses which were of very little use for dangerous and complicated undercover operations. This period was the infancy of undercover operations; today’s training incorporates lessons learned from mistakes made from my generation.

I was one of these Spanish speaking detectives. When now meeting with my old undercover peers, we laugh and joke of some of the close calls we had, although these calls were not something to joke about at the time. I feel very fortunate to have worked with Richard and honored to have called him a friend. He truly was a star and a very courageous man. We still feel sadness for the loss of our brother, DEA Special Agent Richard Fass … RIP brother.”

Acre ended with a powerful comment,

“The time has come to tell people about these courageous cops I served with and worked alongside of. These stories are often ignored for political reasons and the experiences and lessons of my generation should not be forgotten simply because concerns with political correctness.”

If we cannot even protect our own citizens on our own soil how can we expect to stand strong? This is exactly why President Trump made immigration reform a focal point of his campaign. Republicans aren’t anti-immigration, they are anti-illegal immigration. Living in the United States is a privilege and not a right as the President has noted. When immigration fraud cases are overlooked this is the sad reality. Considering how long ago this one occurred is proof enough this is a endemic issue.

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