De Blasio Says Wealth Is ‘In The Wrong Hands,’ Pledges To Redistribute It

Spoken like a true socialist.

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New York City Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio is going full-tilt socialist and is arguing that wealth is in the wrong hands and that he promises to redistribute it. He pledged to give it back to the working people. Of course, this is the same promise every socialist, communist, dictator and despot has made since the beginning of time.

De Blasio started off saying that health care was a right in New York and pledged single-payer health care for all New York citizens including illegal immigrants. He sat down with CNN’s “State of the Union” Jake Tapper and went all in on progressivism. De Blasio also ripped other Democrats for not being radical enough and embracing a bold, new agenda.

Tapper opened up by quoting Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum, who had proposed a similar plan for his state. “He was saying in Florida they could do it only if other states joined him because otherwise, all sick people would just come to Florida,” Tapper explained.

“What’s to stop sick people from flocking to New York and overburdening the system?”

De Blasio responded:

“We should have single-payer, Medicare for all. No question. But the bottom line is right now we have 600,000 people in my city who have no coverage at all. That’s unacceptable. That’s making us a city less healthy, less secure than we need to be.

“Our plan is guaranteed health care for all and says this should be a priority to ensure that we have a decent kind of society. If you don’t do that, what happens? People are sick at work. Their families get sick. They go to the emergency room, which is the single most costly way to provide health care. We know that by guaranteeing health care, we’re going to reate the kind of society that works.”‘

Tapper queried de Blasio on comments the mayor made during his State of the City speech earlier this week.

“Here’s the truth, brothers, and sisters, there’s plenty of money in the world. Plenty of money in this city,” de Blasio stated, flanked by screens with graphs of productivity outpacing compensation. “It’s just in the wrong hands!” de Blasio said. “Who decides whose hands are the right hands and whose hands are the wrong hands?” Tapper asked. De Blasio’s answer was deflective in nature.

De Blasio used the old Democrat logic that millions of people struggle to get by, working two jobs frequently. Even then, they can’t make ends meet. And you know why? Over taxation by Marxists such as de Blasio. He’s part of the one percent he complains about which shows you he does not really mean a thing he says. He said that “the one percent really has rigged the system, including the recent tax law that gave a huge windfall to the corporations and the wealthy.”

“I said in the speech this has been an agenda from Reagan’s administration right on through to Trump to take money from working people and give it to the one percent. So when I say there’s plenty of money in this country, it’s just in the wrong hands, it means to say we need policies that give back to working people. Like guaranteeing health care for all,” de Blasio said.

Tapper at least hit back a bit and pointed out that what de Blasio was truly arguing was the principle that “people have money and it’s wrong that they have money.” “Who decides whether it’s wrong?” Tapper asked.

“It’s clear to me why it’s wrong because government policies gave the one percent every conceivable leg up. This was not by accident. As I say, this was an agenda. It was systematic. You go back decades, you go back even to the time of Dwight Eisenhower. We had some of the highest tax rates on the wealthy that this country ever saw. We had a prosperous country. We had that prosperity pretty well shared among different people, including working people in this country,” de Blasio said.

That is simply untrue. The most prosperous and entrepreneurial times in this country have been when taxation was at its lowest. I’m surprised he didn’t hit at Calvin Coolidge.

De Blasio also sidestepped whether he would run in 2020. If he does, he will be soundly defeated by Trump or any other candidate that is conservative at all. All he has to do is open his mouth. He blamed Ronald Reagan for the mess we are currently in. No, Reagan delayed this mess… the Democrats own all of this.

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