Dana Loesch Throws a Strike for the Unborn: Sally Kohn Just Throws Them in the Gutter

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What do babies and bowling balls have in common? CNN’s Sally Kohn has no problem chucking them both into the gutter.

It’s no wonder, since the CNN host is hardly a bastion of clear thinking.

Hands Up False 3This is the woman who raised her hands on live TV with her fellow sheep promoting the “Hands up, don’t shoot” narrative.

A lie started by a man involved in the Michael Brown robbery, and who was charged with filing a false police report in 2011.

Our justice system requires credible, reasonable and probable. Kohn only requires a big ol’ pile of bull– manure.

Now Kohn is shoveling more manure by promoting the narrative that pregnancy is nothing more than an expensive inconvenience. And she’s participating in a bowl-a-thon to raise funds to put an end to those pesky, money sucking babies.

She recently tweeted a link to her fundraising page that says, “I’m bowling because I believe that everyone should have access to the abortions they need, regardless of how much money they have.”

Abortions they need? Yes, I often categorize abortion as a necessity of life – much like oxygen, food and water.

She continues with, “I’m bowling to break down barriers to abortion access.”

Roughly a million abortions are preformed every year. A million dead babies aren’t enough for you, Sally?

“You can help me hit my goal, and together, we can make an immediate difference with real impact.”

A real impact . Two million dead babies?

Not if pro-lifers have anything to say about it. Kohn’s tweet was met with a response from talk-radio host, author, and all around conservative spitfire, Dana Loesch. She countered with tweeting out: Dana Loesch tweet - Version 2To which Kohn responded with:Dloesch Skohn 1

And for the mothers of 3-year-olds who don’t currently have free child-care, full employment and a living wage? Will Sally’s next bowl-a-thon raise funds to hire hit men to kill toddlers because their parents can’t afford preschool?

If we were to adhere to her logic, or rather, lack thereof, parents would be free to murder their children any time they incur an expense.

It is this irrationality, selfishness, and moral ambivalence that drives the abortion crusade. They rely on convenience and economics as their arguments, and regularly assume that an unwanted child will be neglected or abused. Apparently pro-abortionists are imbued with fortune-telling abilities. Tell me, Soothsayer Sally, will I win the lottery tomorrow?

The future is clear to them, but they neglect the present reality of scores of childless couples that do want that child and would happily welcome him/her into their loving family. They accuse pro-lifers of being insensitive towards women with an unplanned pregnancy. But it is the pro-life camp that has the most sensitivity, empathy, and compassion for them.

Pregnancy crisis centers acknowledge the difficulties of the situation and actually sit and listen to the financially insecure, uncertain, confused and afraid women. They offer the truth about the life growing in side of her. They inform the women of options, offer counseling, guidance, job training, and adoption. Sally Kohn’s offer… I’ll give you money to kill it.

Pro-abortionists also couch their arguments in obtuse, “empowering” rhetoric evidenced in Kohn’s tweet of #BowlingForPrivacyAndWomensAutonomy. A woman may be autonomous over her own body, but the baby is not part her body.

The woman’s heart, brain, lungs and liver are parts of her body. The baby has its own heart, brain, lungs, and liver. And lest we not forget DNA: the nucleic acid that composes the three major macromolecules essential for all known forms of life. Take the DNA from the woman’s blood, saliva, or any aforementioned organ, then take some DNA from the baby… they are not the same. The woman and the baby are two distinctly separate human beings.

The propaganda about a woman’s autonomy and the baby being part of her body is nonsense and biologically unsound. To obscure this fact, pro-abortionists use deceptive, off point language, inserting irrelevant variables in order to ignore the fundamental issue: life.

Many will suggest that an eight-week fetus is not a life. If that’s true, then one should never have compassion for a woman who has experienced a miscarriage. “But she wanted the baby,” you say. Oh, so the woman gets to assign value to life. If, as ¾ of the women who have abortions say, having a baby would interfere with work, school or other responsibilities, then the baby has no value and she’s free to kill it.

Imagine if we employed that line of thinking to the rest of humanity. Sally Kohn might be one of the first to go.

It’s disturbing how one could be so giddy about lacing up her bowling shoes in support of suction aspiration: a procedure where an instrument is connected to a vacuum with 29 times more suction power than a household vacuum cleaner. It’s used to tear the fetus and placenta into small pieces, which are then sucked through the tube into a bottle and discarded. It’s repugnant that one could ecstatically encourage D&Cs, which involves the insertion of a hook shaped knife, cutting the baby into pieces, which are then scraped out through the cervix and discarded. It’s despicable that one would excitedly endorse injecting a saline solution to burn the baby’s outer layer of skin, swallow and be poisoned, taking an hour for him to die. Sometimes they are born alive and left unattended to die.

Too graphic? Too ugly, violent and harsh? That is the reality of abortion. It is ugly, it is violent, and it is harsh because it is irrefutably the destruction of an innocent life.

When pro-abortionists like Sally Kohn urge the killing of the unborn, pro-lifers need to follow Dana Loesch’s bold lead. We need to combat their illogical and immoral arguments by supporting the organizations that are dedicated to stopping the mass murder of innocent lives.

And money talks. Pro-lifers should join Dana and shout in defense of the little ones who don’t yet have a voice. Because if Kohn and her cohorts have their way, those little voices will never be heard.

Visit the National Right to Life Committee website for facts and ways to donate www.nrlc.org



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