Dan Crenshaw Gets Called A Nazi At ASU By Enraged Student… His Response Is Epic

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Freshman Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw was invited to speak at a Turning Points USA campus event this week at Arizona State University. The event was billed as “Representative Dan Crenshaw vs. Socialism.” He was confronted by an enraged student who spouted off that the event organizer, Turning Points USA, is “for Nazis,” and then said that Crenshaw “should be ashamed” of his service in Afghanistan. Crenshaw had the perfect response to this misled college student.

“It was an illegal war of aggression by the United States,” said the Marxist student. “You should be ashamed of yourself, not proud of your service.” The crowd at the event loudly booed the kid. Then came Crenshaw’s ultimate single-eye-roll and a sharp and pointed reply. “If you have to call somebody a Nazi, it’s a good indicator you haven’t thought through your argument very well,” said Crenshaw. He added, “Get more creative with your insults, man.” Game, set, match to Crenshaw.

Benny Johnson tweeted out, “Imagine volunteering to fight for the military that beat the Nazis. Becoming a Navy SEAL. Serving 10 years. Deploying to war 3 times. Giving your eye (& almost your life) for your country. Just to return home & get called a ‘Nazi.'”

Crenshaw’s epic response was the perfect one for this student’s public temper tantrum. The fact that Crenshaw didn’t become agitated or indignant, and didn’t even respond angrily to the student or his outburst, was itself masterful handling of the incident.

From The State Press:

“A rising star in the Republican Party, Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw, took to ASU’s Tempe campus Wednesday to decry the supposed rise of socialism among young people.

“The event, which was sponsored by Turning Point USA’s ASU chapter, gathered a group of supporters and curious onlookers to listen to a lecture on the ills of socialism. Crenshaw started his talk by saying that the majority of young people who support socialism don’t actually know what socialism is, pointing to a survey where supporters supported both socialism and smaller government.

“Posters advertising the event showed the congressman punching Karl Marx in the face.

“Crenshaw said socialists and his colleagues on the left are too focused on inequality.

“If your focus is always on inequality, you are always going to get to a conversation like we’re having today,” Crenshaw said. “Which is that totalitarian socialism is the only way to solve all of your problems.”

“Crenshaw also decried identity politics, which he called an “unsustainable cultural narrative” propagated by the left, adding that “the only colors that should matter are red, white and blue.”‘

Dan Crenshaw handles kid screeching he's a Nazi

This kid at the University of Arizona takes the microphone at an event to tell Crenshaw he's part of a Nazi event and should be ashamed of his service in Afghanistan. But Crenshaw handles it like a boss. Via Benny Johnson on Twitter.

Posted by Caleb Howe on Saturday, April 27, 2019

Crenshaw is a rising star in the conservative movement, having been elected in the 2018 midterms. A wave of socialism swept over young Americans with the 2016 primary campaign of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. That wave only grew larger as Democratic Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-NY) was elected at the same time Crenshaw was.

According to the chair of Arizona’s Federation of College Republicans and political science sophomore Judah Waxelbaum, “[Crenshaw] got involved in politics fairly recently and he is, in layman’s terms, the Republican Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, our version of this young congressional class that’s swept the nation.”

“I would consider him the future of the Republican party,” Waxelbaum continued. I would agree with that assessment. Crenshaw is brutally effective in countering the left and they fear him because of that. Crenshaw won the debate hands down… socialists did not have a coherent response as usual.

Sources: TheBlaze, RedState, The State Press, Turning Point USA

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