Crumbling CNN Has To Fire 100 ‘Seasoned Employees’ in the Wake of Crashing Ratings

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They are calling them ‘voluntary layoffs’, but CNN is in downsizing mode, and has decided it has to ‘fire’ about 100 employees. This comes on the heels of many reports about their crashing ratings. In fact, at last report, the flailing news network had fallen to 15th place, behind the Food Network.

These are not just low level positions, these are seasoned important employees.

CNN is crashing. They are crashing in the midst of a ROARING economy. They are crashing during a time when current events are historically interesting! They should be roaring as well!

Far less than a million are watching, and that means more that 89 million are not!

They put all their eggs in one basket, well two:

Russian collusion by Trump, and as well, just beating up on the President in general.

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Breitbart reports:

Far-left CNN announced Monday that more than 100 jobs have been axed at the ratings-challenged cable network.

These job cuts are being spun by Brian Stelter, CNN’s left-wing media reporter (who regularly spreads fake news and conspiracy theories), as “no layoffs” but rather “voluntary buyouts throughout the organization, and about 100 people opted for it.”

The only problem with that spin is that buyouts are layoffs with some compensation attached. In other words, “voluntary buyout” is corporatespeak for “layoff.” Generally, if “buyouts” aren’t accepted by enough employees, layoffs follow. For all we know, CNN could have offered these 100-plus employees $1 just to call it a buyout.

If CNN refuses to tell the truth about its own layoffs, about something so obvious, you can only imagine the lies CNN is willing to tell about things that actually matter.

In worse news, Deadline reports [emphasis added] that “more than 100 seasoned workers at the cable news network” lost their jobs — meaning veterans, old hands, those who have been around a while.

Deadline also makes clear that these “buyouts” are layoffs because CNN’s new parent company AT&T is looking to restructure and reduce debt.

Fox News continues to hold the number one spot in all of cable with 2.5 million. They have nearly four times as many average prime time viewers as CNN. Fox has seen an increase of 2 percent since last year at the same time.

Nighttime viewers at CNN have dropped 35% from this time last year to an average 783,000 prime time viewers.

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During the day, CNN at least climbs into the top 10 at #6 in all cable viewing, but they lost 17% in total day viewers from last year.

Here are the rankings of the Basic Cable Top 10 – Prime time (Total Viewers)
Fox News (2,478,000)
TNT (2,228,000)
MSNBC (1,771,000)
HGTV (1,187,000)
USA (1,080,000)
History (1,072,000)
ESPN (1,046,000)
TBS (953,000)
Hallmark (938,000)
A&E (936,000)

Latest polls claim that confidence in the media has hit rock bottom. Many news consumers believe that reporters file their reports before knowing the facts. 60 percent assume that sources pay for stories.

The media has done a pretty good job of undermining the trust of the American People for decades.

They built that all on their own. It is not just a definitive leftward slant, they actually put items out that are totally false! Not long ago we were discussing Buzzfeed fake stories about Trump and the MSM fail at the Covington boys.

When will the media learn that the American people are not stupid. We see through the lies and manipulation.

Maybe never!

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