Crazy Maxine Waters Just Announced She’s Running For A New Office! America, Be Scared!

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The Democratic Party has gone so far to the left since the likes of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have become two primary figureheads of the party. One person who blows them both out of the water is Rep. Maxine Waters of California’s 43rd District. She has served in Congress for a long time, the 115th Congress is her 14th term. On Thursday the Daily Caller reported that Waters has indicated or perhaps insinuated she will run for the Democratic nomination in 2020 for President.

At a New Hampshire event with the Strafford County Democratic Committee for a scheduled picnic at the Miller Farm in New Durham she said the following about the potential to run for the highest office in the land,

“I’m just going up to do a county Democratic thing. That’s all. I’m not running for anything but my own seat. I don’t have any presidential aspirations. If the millennials want me to do it, I’d do it, though.”

Waters comments about millennials come in light of her huge millennial following on social media in recent years. In reference to her relationship with the millennial demographic she said,

“I have been adopted by the millennials, and I’m enjoying every minute of it! I’m learning a new language. You never think about shade, for example, other than, you know, ‘a tree is providing shade,’ but when they taught me what shade was, I thought: ‘Now, isn’t that creative?’”

As well she noted,

I didn’t have any idea that they were paying attention, or what I was saying was resonating with them. They started to call me ‘Auntie Maxine,’ and to tweet, and go on Facebook, and use social media, not only to show that they were pleased that I was speaking truth to power, but they wanted to engage.”

The idea of Waters becoming president is simply ludicrous. In the past, she has called for job programs in excess of trillions of dollars, she openly supported Fidel Castro, and has been a widely focal opponent of President Trump. However, shortly after her saying she would run for President she retracted and told The Hill the following,

“I said, jokingly, ‘If the millennials wanted me to do it, I’d do it. But it’s a joke.”

During the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election, she said the following concerning President Trump and her constant vocal outrage over his presidency,

“I was absolutely appalled by what I learned about Trump during the campaign and the way that he conducted himself, the way that he treated women and the handicapped, and the way that he basically had an agenda that polarized our society. So out of that, I decided to speak up, and to speak out, and to let others know how I felt. I really did think there were others who were having the same discomfort with him that I was having. And I thought that it was important for them to know that a member of Congress, an elected official, was feeling this way.”

She has also supported impeaching the President and in May said the following at a conference for the Center for American Progress,

“We do not have to be afraid to use the word impeachment. We do not have to think impeachment is out of our reach.”

Once, while speaking on the House floor she said,

“Mr. Speaker, my position against this president and his administration is clear. I oppose this president. I do not honor this president. I do not respect this president.”

Among many other things she has accused the President of committing crimes that are worthy enough of impeachment, accusing him of colluding the Russian government to hack the 2016 presidential election, as well as, having employees in the White House such as Presidential Advisor Jared Kushner, as well a,s Secretary of State Rex Tillerson having ties to Russia. But all of those things have not been proven, they are merely accusations.

While it appears her promises to run for President at the behest of millennials appears to be an ill conceived and facetious joke, her criticism, as well as, her castigation, has not. She despises President Trump and the office he holds and she does not even have the basic respect to show him respect or have conversations with him that will lead to the best result for her constituents in her district.

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