CPS Case Worker Keeps Job After Drug Possession Conviction, Something He Removed Children From Parents For

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This one will absolutely enrage you. Child Protective Services  caseworker, Kevin Daniel Lara, a man who removes children from parents if it is reported that they use marijuana or other drugs, has been convicted of drug possession, and kept his job. Parents all over the country can find themselves in court battling CPS to get back their children because they smoked marijuana.

Court records show that Lara was charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession in Fort Bend County on April 10th of last year. He then pled no contest to the charge on February 8th. CPS has moved him to an administrative position.

CPS told Fox26 employees who pick up criminal charges get to keep their jobs until the case is decided in court. Lara was demoted to an administrative assistant on March 12th more than a month after he pled no contest.

CPS said that it relies on employees to give updates on their criminal cases.

If drug possession is severe enough to remove children and cause chaos in a family, then it is definitely a firing offence. Especially when the taxpayers are writing the paycheck! I am in no way condoning drug use around children, but this is asinine!

“It’s something as simple as maybe mom and dad smoked a little marijuana when the baby was at Grandma’s or something like that or maybe they just tested positive for low levels of marijuana and children are being removed every single day by CPS for that very thing,” said family law attorney Julie Ketterman.

“They let him continue to do his job when he was guilty of the same thing he was taking kids away for,” said Ketterman.

It happens often, too often. We have a serious CPS abuse problem in this country, in every state. Many times, blatant and atrocious abuse goes by the system, because CPS caseworkers are busy sticking their noses where they do not belong!

It often starts in schools and hospitals. Most of the time, the removals are fully unwarranted.

School districts, in a misuse of power, are weaponizing threats of referrals to Child Services in order to force parents to agree to programs and placements that they don’t feel are in the best interest of their children.

This practice was the topic of an investigative report released by Hechinger & HuffPost (11/18/18) and an article in FEE, Foundation for Economics and Education (12/13/18).

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My good friend Angel Cook, a victim of the Texas CPS system that eventually was cleared of all wrongdoing after having her children taken for almost 2 years, her savings demolished, and her reputation ruined, and is still stalked by caseworkers, points out that:

Texas alone overturns “more than 1 out of 3 decisions challenged by people who CPS says have abused or neglected a child.”

The MEDCARES grant program distributes $5.5 million each biennium to hospitals and academic health centers for programs focused on “the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of child abuse and neglect.” These programs include “medical case reviews and consultations and testimony regarding those reviews and consultations.”

During the 2017-2018 biennium MEDCARES grant recipients examined a total of 29,695 children who were suspected victims of abuse or neglect. Of these, 23,970 children were confirmed as victims by grant recipients—a confirmation rate of 80 percent.

For context, the statewide confirmation rate of alleged abuse and neglect cases during the 2017-2018 biennium was only 22 percent.

When does the abuse by CPS stop? Hopefully Texas is working hard on just that.

But, a CPS worker guilty of drug possession keeps his job at a government, taxpayer supported, agency that takes children for that offense???

In Texas, we say, “Oh Hell No!”

So we write an article and make sure the story reaches outside Texas, and around the world!




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