Court Rules That ‘In God We Trust’ Belongs on Cop Cars

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Why is “In God We Trust” so offensive to liberals? It is amazing how hard these idiots fight against something they claim to not believe in.

You would think they would just ignore it. If it causes them so much pain, I hope they will send me their money so that the burden of carrying something that offends them will be relieved.

Liberals want to take, take, take, yet never worry about how their beliefs offend others.

Check it out:


In recent months, states and counties across the south have been adding stickers and decals with the phrase, “In God We Trust,” to their police vehicles. This is a showing of pride for our country, as it doesn’t get much more American than the national motto.

Despite the important status of this phrase in American history, the Freedom From Religion Foundation continues to challenge it’s use on government vehicles in each and every case. But in a new letter to two Republican senators, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton detailed exactly why it is completely legal to use the phrase – just check the Constitution.

The two Senators had questioned whether police departments were essentially, “asking for trouble,” by displaying “In God We Trust” on their vehicles. In his triumphant letter, Paxton uses historical examples and Constitutional evidence to show why these police departments should never be challenged for their decision to display the national motto.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is dedicated to the separation of church and state to an almost obsessive level, claiming that the motto simply equates to “phony pandering” targeted at religious individuals in socially conservative states. “In God We Trust” became the national motto in 1956, when President Eisenhower signed it into law.

“We all know what the attorney general will rule: Congress adopted “In God We Trust” as a motto, therefore it’s not only fine, it’s patriotic for the Childress Police department to place it on it’s vehicles,” the Freedom From Religious Foundation said in a rather confusing statement. “Piety of faith are not and should not be synonymous with patriotism. But godliness has been equated with good citizenship since this unconstitutional and misguided law passed in 1956.”

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This really isn’t about the phrase “In God We Trust”. This is really about control.

Liberals want people to depend on government, not God. When you depend on them, you will do whatever they ask of you.

Denying God has certainly been very successful here in America. It is a shame and is showing in our current culture of entitlement.

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