Cosmopolitan FALSELY Labels Sikh Man As Muslim…All For LIBERAL Narrative!

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There are such things as an ‘honest mistake’. They do exist. For instance, my wife asked me to pick up a carton of eggs from the store on my way home, I misunderstand what she said and actually picked up a tub of brownie chunk ice cream instead. Now, how I misinterpret that, no one knows…But it’s happened. That’s an honest mistake. I mean, anyone could have got that wrong, right?

But when it comes to the liberal media and other lefty publications making false claims, it is usually at the expense of conservatives, or to further the agenda of the left…which again, is at the expense of the conservatives.

Cosmopolitan was called out Tuesday for their audacious attempt to paint a sunny side on Muslims and their faith in the wake of the Islamic terror attacks in London. They went ahead and pushed a pro-Muslim narrative, in which they were wholly picked apart for on social media.

So what’s the problem here? Shouldn’t we be used to this type of behavior from the left? Of course! But here’s the kicker: They identified a Sikh taxi driver offering free rides to victims of the bombing, as Muslim.

It’s 2017, and you mean to tell me that no one down the line at Cosmo could tell the difference between a Muslim, and a Sikh man wearing a traditional turban?

Not a chance.

The Blaze had the details:

The tweet and article shows a man in a turban who is a taxi driver – he offered free rides in Manchester after the horrible terror attack left many stranded. But rather than represent him as what he is, a follower of the Sikh faith, Cosmopolitan identified him as a Muslim in order to push a heart-warming narrative about Muslims helping victims after the attack.

The image came from the “Singh Lions” account, and internet sleuths were able to find when the tweet where Cosmo’s Mylan Torres specifically asked the account for permission to use in the magazine. She deleted the tweet, and the “Singh Lions” account issued their disappointment over the matter, saying, “Sad. It is upsetting, Sikhs are compelled to fight ignorance about them in this hour of mourning the tragic loss.”

In normal times, we wouldn’t give a hoot about the claims Cosmo misrepresented, but a Sikh man being identified as a Muslim, right after a deadly bombing of young concert goers is shameful, and completely unacceptable. Sikhs in the past have had to deal with themselves being targets by idiots who are too stupid to tell the difference between them and Muslims. Cosmo just punctuated that false claim and pushed it much further.

Twitter had a meltdown over the lie, with many account users coming out swinging:

And this one:

There are plenty more where these came from…Cosmo? You have some explaining to do!

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