Corrupt: How The Green Movement Has Enriched Leftists Like Nancy Pelosi’s Brother-In-Law

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Amidst all the hype over Democratic Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) Green New Deal, we might want to take a look back at the Obama administration and how the green movement has enriched corrupt politicians thanks to Obama and Pelosi. The Green New Deal is a cash cow for the left… it’s that other way of making money.

Remember Obama’s $3 trillion in “stimulus” money and how it went to leftist Democrats, their donors, and pointedly, Nancy Pelosi’s brother-in-law? You should. That money simply vanished just as the dark money that Obama sent to Iran did. The Daily Mail covered this back in 2011, which wasn’t that long ago. That form of corruption never ended… it shifted into the Green New Deal that the Democrats are now pushing.

Obama’s government-financed “green energy” pioneer Solyndra. It failed spectacularly. But it was not the only green hole he threw money into. Obama also approved an additional $1 billion in loans to similar green energy projects. $737 million went to the Crescent Dunes project situated in Tonopah, Nevada, to finance a 110-megawatt desert solar power plant. I’ve been there – Tonopah is in the middle of nowhere and bitingly cold in the winter. This investment leads us directly to Nancy Pelosi’s brother-in-law, Ron Pelosi.

Ron was previously an “Executive Director” of the company. When they received the ‘loan’, Ron Pelosi was an “Independent Director” of a parent company who held a minority share of the company that was a primary beneficiary of that money landing a $737 million loan guarantee from the Department of Energy for Crescent Dunes. Friends in high places.

It is very interesting that even as Solyndra went toes up that Ron Pelosi was able to get huge financial backing for the project. He somehow secured government funding for the SolarReserve project. No questions were asked on it either. PCG Clean Energy & Technology Fund (East) LLC, listed as one of the investors in the project was given the massive loan. The loan is far bigger than the one given to Solyndra. They were a 2% owner in the Tonopah project.

Laughingly, the project said it expected to generate enough electricity to power 43,000 homes. It didn’t. But a whole bunch of leftists got even wealthier off of it. Obama’s Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced the loan just two days after the doomed $535 million Solyndra disaster was scheduled for completion. It had to be obvious that Solyndra would fail and more than likely that the Crescent Dunes project would bottom out. But the money kept flowing anyway.

There were those who were paying attention at the time and trying to warn Americans about these green movement scams. Florida Rep. Cliff Stearns, then-chairman of the investigations subcommittee of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce warned:

“The administration’s flagship project Solyndra is bankrupt and being investigated by the FBI, the promised jobs never materialized, and now the Department of Energy is preparing to rush out nearly $5 billion in loans in the final 48 hours before stimulus funds expire — that’s nearly $105 million every hour that must be finalized until the deadline.”

No one listened because the cash cow was being milked dry at the time. Energy Secretary Chu said the projects would create 900 construction jobs and 52 permanent jobs. First off, it didn’t even do that but for the amount of money loaned to these projects, that was nothing to brag about. Another alarming tidbit was that Steve Mitchell, who served on the board of directors of Solyndra while the company was collapsing, was an investor in the project. Things were really cozy in Nevada.

From Illicit Info:

“All told, Obama era expenditures, first put in place by Speaker Pelosi, who did away with the usual budgetary process, exceeded revenues by more than $1 Trillion each year.

“This became the baseline for unquestioned omnibus spending packages that subsequent Republican Speakers John Boehner and Paul Ryan refused to reign in. Welcome to the UniParty ripoff of America’s taxpayers.

“This allowed politicians on both sides of the aisle to grow rich, while our children were saddled with a debt burden from which they are not likely to escape.

“There’s a reason Nancy Pelosi has a net worth ranging from $120-185 million. It’s hard not to suspect that she earned her money the old fashioned way … by stealing it from taxpayers.

“It’s the same reason Democrats are lining up behind the Green New Deal that reads like a Republican parody of a Democrat program.”

Pelosi comes from a family of corrupt politicians. She has a reputation as a vicious and aggressive female politico and she has earned it over the years. She may give lip service to the Green New Deal being unworkable, but she’s all in for it I would wager.

Enter the Green New Deal. The leftists grew very rich during Obama’s administration by ‘spending’ $4 trillion a year. The Green New Deal would triple that. No wonder Democrats are pushing this insanity.

Regarding Ron Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi claimed that “the loan the company received had nothing to do with me,” he “knew nothing regarding their proposed or actual transactions” and that he “did not speak with persons in connection with their plans.” In other words, she lied.

Of course, my opinion will be called conjecture as leftists claim everything was on the up and up over Tonapah. I’ve lived in Nevada for many years and I know in my gut that is not true. This is why the left wants to impeach President Trump and get him out of the way… wealth for the elite and Marxism for the masses. What is past is present once again and the Green New Deal is yet another face of the global warming scam.

Sources: Illicit Info, The Daily Mail

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