Cornell University Offering Course On ‘Overwhelming Evidence’ That Global Warming is Real

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A college charging $52,000 for yearly tuition already has suckers for students. Keep lying to them. Who cares anymore? Degrees are useless.

The course is taught by a barely-literate woman who specializes in how the public feels about energy, or something.

Cornell University

Located in Ithaca, New York, tuition at the school costs almost $53,000 per year. Notable alumni include Bill Nye, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Janet Reno and Bill Maher.

On the other hand, the school also counts Ann Coulter as a grad, so there’s still a bright spot.

Global Warming

…is not real.

And it’s a very expensive lie.

Al Gore made bank on his bogus film An Inconvenient Truth, but Hollywood is proud to throw away the greenery and hybrid cars now that they’re looking to Saudi Arabia — a country that just opened their first movie theater — to finance upcoming films. When your biggest benefactor is an oil producing country, you learn to whistle a new tune awful fast if you never meant it in the first place.

“[As] the 32-year-old crown prince of Saudi Arabia [continued] his [recent] tour of the United States with a stop in Los Angeles. Turns out that Hollywood needs the country that supplied 9/11 hijackers with passports and supplies half the world with polar bear-killing fossil fuels is now needed to fund the latest round of garbage cinema.”

Earlier this year we published an in-depth look at the fake temperature states and the real amounts of money that were being funneled to fight nothing.

“Al Gore has become very wealthy on the back of his great global warming hoax. Each 1 degree change (either direction) translates to $1.62 trillion in carbon credit revenue. Al Gore is awarded $1.62 billion for his research allowing 10% ($162 million) for his salary.”

Course Title Is Hilariously Bad

Cornell students will have the choice to take this pro-global warming course starting in the fall time:



Students will experience a dizzying adventure through the “mounting evidence” that “global warming is real.”

The course description a whopping three thousand words long. The average post on Joe For America is 700 words long.

It’s really difficult to pick out just a few amazing phrases from the description, but here we go:

  • “the eve of the US general election in 2016”
  • “climate denialism is on the rise, as are reactionary, rightwing politics in the United States, UK, and Germany”
  • “ongoing importance of authority for legitimating knowledge”
  • “cross-purposes”
  • “climate justice”
  • “exploring authorizing processes”
  • “ecoauthority as a deeply situated, aesthetic phenomenon negotiated in real life”
  • “how does climate denialism become something that people vote for?”
  • “We will also engage ethnographies of local and indigenous “ecoauthority” to become familiar with models for ecological resiliency that do not conform to scientific or “expert” discourses of climate remediation.”

WHAT? What was that last one? That’s nonsense.

Here’s how I “authorized” my “ecoauthority” “processes” when I became a “denialist.” I was told that climate change can be fixed by handing over trillions of dollars to dictators and slobs at the United Nations, and then I asked my relatives in their 80s if they grew up in an ice age.

When I popped the entire course description into an online word counter, a warning popped up saying that the text contains “writing issues.” It’s true, the thing is barely readable. But what do you expect from a place charging over $200,000 for a four-year degree?

[SEE ALSO: Cornell Welcomes ISIS to Campus]

Kook Professor

The course is limited to 15 students at one time and is taught by Jennifer Carlson, who holds degrees from the University of Chicago and the University of Texas. She is a “cultural anthropologist specializing in the energy humanities.”

If this woman has ever spent the day riding around with a fuel delivery driver, I’ll drink a gallon of unleaded. Energy humanities. Guaranteed that has nothing to do with the guys and gals who work in the oil fields, or have any hands-on experience with making sure the lights turn on when I flip the switch.

She also chose hundreds of words to describe herself so let’s grab the best ones.

  • “exclusion”
  • “public feeling”
  • “national transition to renewable energy”

Yeah, and she’s proud to associate herself with the Rachel Carson Center, which is named for the woman that wrote a book about how bird shells are being thinned out by DDT. When DDT was phased out in reaction to a few squishy songbirds, millions of people living in poverty were left with no defense against the mosquitoes carrying malaria. But, starving African children aren’t as cute as little birdies, so who cares?

No makeup for your professional headshot, huh sweetie?


Sources: Campus Reform, Cornell

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