Conservatives Talk of Boycotting Amazon After Bezos Announcement

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Oh Amazon, has Target taught you absolutely nothing? Conservatives have no problem with a good old fashioned boycott when you flaunt your liberalism and use the money we spend at your business.

Last week Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO and the richest man in the world with an estimated worth of around $105 billion and rapidly climbing, has announced he will spend $33 million funding scholarships for “dreamers” to go to college, because apparently there aren’t any poor kids here legally that need help.

Dreamers, of course, are young adults who were brought here illegally, as children. And while as children they certainly deserve some pity for their situation, it is their parents who very knowingly and illegally brought them here. Shouldn’t those parents be held responsible for their children? I know plenty of people struggling to pay for their children’s college who don’t have a criminal background. Why are we rewarding these people for breaking the law? Is letting them have a free pass into our country not enough of a help? Now they need college money too?

H/T Breitbart

Billionaire Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has announced that he will be donating $33 million to create college scholarships for 1,000 DREAMers — illegal immigrants brought into America by their parents.

Politico reports that Bezos, the billionaire CEO of e-commerce giant Amazon and owner of the Washington Post, will be donating $33 million alongside his wife MacKenzie Bezos to create college scholarships for illegal immigrant DREAMers. Bezos donation is being made to TheDream.US, a nonprofit group founded by the former owner of the Washington Post, Don Graham. According to TheDream.US website, the group is “working to help over 4,000 highly motivated DREAMers graduate from college with career-ready degrees. DREAMers are immigrant youth who came to this country at a very young age without documentation.”

Bezos donation is expected to cover scholarships for approximately 1,000 illegal immigrants who are currently still in the country under the Obama-era DACA policy. Bezos himself is the son of a legal immigrant, the Amazon CEO’s father arrived in the United States from Cuba at the age of 16. Bezos commented on his donation to TheDream.US saying “MacKenzie and I are honored to be able to help today’s Dreamers by funding these scholarships.”

As the “Dreamers” as they’re known, are illegal immigrants, they are not eligible to receive financial aid from the federal government, TheDream.US aims to offer these students up to $33,000 in financial aid spread over four years of college study. Currently, the nonprofit group is funding approximately 2,840 illegal immigrants to study in the United States. Bezos has joined 100 CEO’s, including Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Apple CEO Tim Cook, in signing an open letter to the government requesting an extension for DACA.

This is one of Bezos’ first forays into philanthropy, the CEO has donated to some causes in the past, at one point being honored by the Human Rights Campaign for donating $2.5 million to support marriage equality in Washington State in 2012, but overall his portfolio of charitable work is quite small. In June of 2017, Bezos took to Twitter to request suggestions from users on philanthropic efforts he should take part in. “I’m thinking I want much of my philanthropic activity to be helping people in the here and now — short term — at the intersection of urgent need and lasting impact,” stated Bezos. 

With a net worth like his, some say $33 million is chump change and so who really cares. But I would say $33 million is $33 million! That could go a long way helping poor LEGAL immigrants or how about helping people who were actually born here? To me, this fund is discriminatory. There are plenty of poor, deserving young people who could use the help, so why not help them? I’ll tell you why, Bezos is more interested in making a political statement than he is about helping anyone. And that’s really sad because he has an enormous potential to help so many people.

Target stock has struggled ever since the boycott began almost two years ago. I, and several people I know, haven’t stepped foot in a Target ever since they announced their transgender bathroom and changing room policy. If Bezos believes that going down that path with Amazon is a wise business decision, then by all means, he should go for it. It is his company and his decision. Of course, because capitalism is a two-way street, it is also my choice not to use them. It’s too bad too because once I left Target, my Amazon purchases have skyrocketed. Oh well, I really needed to get out of the house more anyway.

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