Conservatives MUST Hijack the Culture to Save America

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While the country continues to crumble into tiny pieces and drifts faster and faster toward the fiery pits of Hell, millions of freedom loving Americans are doing little to nothing to stop the destruction.

Oh sure, they’re busy holding rallies, protesting legislation, and voting, but they’re not really doing anything. Yes, I’m well aware of the millions of conservative “evangelists” ranting and raving on social media, writing blog posts, and in general sticking it to the man, hoping to convert a few lost liberal souls over from the Dark Side. I mean, for crying out loud, I am one of those knuckleheads!

While those things are fun activities that are definitely a good means of exercising one’s First Amendment rights, they lack something important. Something critical that makes the salvation of our nation more tangible.

The secret ingredient that’s missing from the delicious recipe of liberty and freedom is cultural engagement. And it’s absence makes for an almost vomit inducing blandness in flavor.

For decades being a conservative has come to be associated with stiff, old, rich white dudes in business suits, who thump people over the head with Bibles and basically do everything in their power to suck every last drop of fun and joy out of life. This is a view that’s largely been espoused by raging hippie-dippy leftists. Unfortunately, they are absolutely right.

Hey, even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while.

Progressives haven’t hijacked the country by getting candidates who hold to their insane ideology voted into office, but by completely taking over the culture and convincing people to adopt their views and give up their rights willingly.

They did this by packaging their Marxist drivel in pretty wrappers called “movies” and “television,” and then pumped their poisonous chocolaty  concoctions out of studios all over Hollywood. The starving masses–who just happen to have an insatiable sweet tooth–have been gorging themselves on these deceitfully wicked  sweet treats for years, which over time has led to the massive decay that’s currently rotting America’s teeth out.

Movies and television programs, two of the biggest influences on worldview formation in the current generation, are mostly produced by progressives who infuse their values into incredibly entertaining and aesthetically pleasing pieces of “pop art.”  Folks both young and old drink their entertainment in through their eyes and ears by the gallon. They spending massive amounts of time glued to the glowing, colorful screens of various electronic devices, watching these fake tales of adventure and drama unfold through a tapestry of moving images woven together with clever special effects, witty and emotionally moving dialogue, and killer action that makes you grip the edge of your seat.

All the while, they’re being spoon fed a globalist, collectivist message that discourages personal achievement and responsibility. A set of values that say you should stop thinking of success in terms of the individual, but rather on achieving what’s best for the whole of society.

Here’s a small sample of the kind of tripe you’ll find floating in the cesspool of modern entertainment.

Major CEOs for oil companies are villains because they make more money than you, and that’s not fair. They’ve made enough wealth. They should be lining up to give away all of their hard earned dollars to the less fortunate. Who cares if they’re too lazy to work? By virtue of breathing, they are entitled to a nice leisurely stroll down Easy Street!

Speaking of fairness, don’t you think it’s just plain evil that homosexuals aren’t accepted by today’s society? Why shouldn’t they be allowed to marry and have the same rights as anyone else? Those who say being gay is sinful or wrong, those are fascist bad guys who want to keep people down. We simply should not allow these cretins a chance to voice their opinions!

After repeatedly being bombarded by progressive ideology, whittled down into bite sized pieces and transmitted to the brain through TV and movie screens, people adopt these values as their own without much thought or engagement. After all, if you hear something repeated enough times, you start to unquestionably believe that it’s true.

This is how liberals win elections. Progressives don’t own the country because they happen to have awesome political candidates. Come on, take one look at the folks who make up our culture today, and it’s pretty clear most of them don’t even know who their representative is. No one pays attention to politics. No, progressives own the nation because they own the culture.

Liberal candidates spew the values that the majority of people in America already believe to be true, the same ones bestowed on them by their favorite movie stars and taught through the hot new drama on television or Netflix. The uninformed voter hears a politician regurgitate the same garbage they hear from Hollywood and vote accordingly. What an ingenious plan!

So what’s it going to take to save America? More than electing conservative candidates into office, although that’s pretty dang important.

It’s going to take conservatives engaging in pop culture, creating awesome entertainment and stories that are fused with our values and principles. Not crappy “Christian” movies–I say this as a die-hard, Bible believing Christian–as honestly, most of these stories suck and are poorly done.

No, we need to create entertainment like Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which was fantastic in every way and also contained a pretty clear conservative message. Compelling stories suck people in, regardless of their political or religious beliefs. Once you tear someone’s guard down through an emotional piece of storytelling, you’re free to sock them in the chops with the truth, and they’re more willing to accept it.

Not only do conservatives need to create fantastic works of art that transmit our values and principles, we need to engage liberal art with an open mind. I know, I know. That sounds like hippie talk. Hear me out.

All art has value, even if we disagree with its message. Yes, much of what liberals put into their art is morally disgusting. We need to continue standing up and pointing out the dung heap, but at the same time, admiring how the crap is stacked. Strange analogy, I know, but you get what I mean, right? We need to look at art, find areas we agree with, and build bridges with those folks so that we can engage in a real discussion and debate about topics that matter.

Let me give you an example of what this looks like. Instead of going to an obviously liberal movie, then whining and complaining for hours on end afterword, thoughtfully think through the messages and themes of the film. What did you agree with? What didn’t you agree with? Why? Share your thoughts with liberal friends who liked the movie and engage in polite discourse, even if they act like a raging jerk face over it. Chances are they won’t, but some will. It’s human nature. You’ll find you connected with that person, and they with you, much better by talking about the movie, than if you’d just talked politics. And you’ll have left them with something to think about, which could eventually lead to them seeing the light and moving beyond liberalism into the realm of reality and common sense.

This isn’t easy. At times it’s down right frustrating, aggravating, infuriating, and any other word that has “ating” at the end of it that describes being pissed off. But if we’re serious about bringing America back from the dead, it’s what needs to be done. We have to start winning the culture war, or nothing we do in the realm of politics will matter much in the bigger picture.




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