Conservative UCLA Professor FIRED For His Politics!

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Keith Fink, a former UCLA Professor, went on the ‘Fox News Channel’ to discuss politics with news anchor Tucker Carlson where he alleged that he was fired from his position for political purposes.

This is yet another attack on the conservative educators in our system who are being unfairly targeted. Other conservatives in Hollywood were also targeted in the past. When speaking with ‘Breitbart News’ Fink said the following,

“The decision was purely political. By UCLA’s own metrics I had the highest ratings of any teacher in the entire department. I laid out in great detail to Dean Gomez how I easily met the criteria to be deemed excellent and continue teaching at UCLA. It shouldn’t be forgotten the prior chairs of the department both thought I was an outstanding teacher and they kept giving me additional classes to teach. The students love my classes.”

He wasn’t lying about his class statistics either. The university administered student evaluations showed that he was the highest rated professor who was very well liked. Overall, he received high marks in every single category as well as the category of “overall instructor quality.” Fink continued on saying,

“Faced with no facts to justify letting me go because I didn’t meet UCLA’s excellence criteria, Dean Gomez letter is thus bereft of any analysis to support the decision by the school. I am the most outspoken teacher (or was) on campus, and the school hated my persuasive and impassioned lectures on such topics as students’ free speech rights as well as the process in Title IX proceedings, both of which UCLA trample.”

The conservative professor pointed to his appearance on the conservative news outlet as a possible reason for the college’s contempt considering some of his former co-workers here allegedly not impressed or happy. He said,

“Professor [Kerri] Johnson was livid that I went on Tucker Carlson’s show which is quite ironic given she is the head of a Communications Department. After the appearances on the show, the department received scores of letters from upset alumni and students. I don’t think ultimately it had any effect as the outcome here was preordained. Professor Johnson who never met me until this year has stated she never liked me and thought someone with my views shouldn’t teach in the department.”

He also pointed to the apparent hypocrisy of professors appearing to have a problem with his appearance on the ‘Fox News Channel’ yet having no problem working with him successfully in the past.

He noted that communications department professors and chairs worked with him respectfully and professionally and articulated a belief in academic freedom and a love for education. The irony is stifling.

If these people cared so much about intellectual freedom as well as academic freedom, then they wouldn’t lobby for a professor to get fired,simply because he was conservative. This is just another example of how the mainstream liberal education system tries to stifle conservative voices and leaves the system bereft of original thought and ideas.

Before being fired Fink worked as a professor at UCLA, teaching students entertainment law and free speech. He has caused controversy in the past over his refusal to embrace the ideas of trigger warnings on campus as well as safe spaces. One student took to his defense saying,

No reasonable person would believe that my letter was ‘accidentally’ omitted from the dossier, because presumably it flatly contradicts the department’s narrative. They asked me what my honest opinion was, and I spent hours articulating how Professor Fink is an excellent instructor and explaining the impact he has had on my life. It infuriates me to hear they attempted to (by accident or by malice) discard my opinion simply because it contradicts their mission.”

This faculty-led crusade to get rid of conservative thinkers is utterly ridiculous and un-American. America is founded on the principle of diversity of thought. This is why we have our First Amendment rights. To fire someone based on their ideology is ludicrous and the mainstream liberal media refuses to report on this destabilizing issue within our educational system.

This is exactly why President Trump constantly calls out the media for their lies. Somebody has to, because God knows nobody else will. It is ludicrous.

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