Conservative Case Studies: Do You Know Why We Hate Castro?

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I hate Fidel Castro. I hate his guts good, and I’m thrilled the old devil is finally dead. Cuba is not now suddenly liberated, but it’s the first good crack in the wall we’ve seen in 57 years. That’s something to celebrate. I am not alone in my jubilation: in Florida the entire Cuban ex-patriot community is dancing in the streets. Conservatives across America, at least those older than 40, are likewise in celebratory mode.

Liberal, Know Thine Enemy

Dear liberal reader, it’s time you got acquainted with these evil redneck simpleton degenerates you call conservatives. To defeat us, now that we’re on top, you have to know us, right? You have to know how we think, how we get the notions in our head that consume us. Why are conservatives such racists? Why do we want to starve children? We do we want to destroy the planet with global warming?

Mini-Lesson: You Don’t know Everything

There are answers to all of these things. You may think you already know the answers, but you don’t.

You don’t know why we despise Black Lives Matter. Absolutely, utterly despise them. You don’t know why we despise Barack. You don’t know why we want to build the wall and deport most if not all the illegal aliens. You don’t know why we hate Quantitative Easing, unions, late-term abortion, or surrendering girls’ bathrooms to transgender men. Nor do you know why we support coal, drilling for as much domestic petroleum as possible, why we ardently defend the Flag, the Anthem, and all such symbols of nationalism. You don’t understand why we mock the veracity of global warming, nor why we believe the current policies toward muslim terrorism, expansionism, and this flood of refugees is impossibly foolish and dangerous.

You don’t know our motivations for any of that. You think you do (we’re stupid racist rednecks, yes we’ve heard). But if you understood any of this, you would have seen the defeat of Hillary coming. So swallow your pride a bit. Get past your natural revulsion for all things associated with conservatism. Then set aside the warm fuzzies that envelop you every time you think of how your government is always better when it’s taking care of people. Finally, for the sake of argument, pretend conservatives are neither stupid nor evil. It’s hard, but since you’re a genius, it should be doable.

Let’s start with an easy example: why do conservatives hate Fidel Castro?

Communist Utopia is Not Practical

A very short and inadequate description of Communism is a society/economy/government system in which there are no classes, property is owned not by the individual but by society, and likewise, production of goods and services is owned by society. People work equally to contribute, and are supplied equally. Give it a look in wikipedia for a more complete description.

It sounds attractive to some: equality of income and means; no upper class to prey upon the less fortunate; adequate housing and food for everyone.

Maybe to an idiot. Right away, a person of average intelligence and responsible upbringing spots fatal flaws. If it does not matter how hard or how well one works, some will not bother to do good work. Imagine the quality of cars produced by a car factory run on Communist principles. Next, there are people ambitious to achieve better than his station allows; those who want a better life than the average, who want nice things or a driven by a desire to provide for their loved ones. None of these people are going to willingly cooperate with the happily boring, oppressively equal bovine existence provided by his communist masters. Very able, smart, and talented people will have little motivation to achieve great works, advanced degrees and training, and professional accomplishments.

Which leads to the next point: there will be masters.

Communism Can Only Be Achieved at the Point of a Gun

raulgettingready1To achieve this happy egalitarian utopia, there is going to be some pain. Wealthy people are going to have their wealth taken away. People with nice houses, cars, and goods will have to surrender them. Many people worked very hard to educate and train themselves, and worked long hours and sacrificed much to gain such property and status. Professional engineers and fighter pilots must accept that they will be allowed the same property, food, and goods as burger flippers and lazy workers.

Clearly many of the formerly disadvantaged and underclass people will be happy to go along. But not so the people who have means and property. So how does this happen? Very simple. It is seized from them. By whom? A communist society cannot be brought about without a powerful government with sweeping police powers.

So communism is not possible without a government class of people who have more power than the rest of the people. More power inevitably leads to more money, more property. They’ll be a little more equal, you might say, then everybody else. Power eventually corrupts.

While communism by the book sounds nice, at the end it is just a dressed-up totalitarian dictatorship.

History Did Not Begin in 1992

As most of us know, Russia fell in 1917 to a revolution of communists under Vladimir Lenin. Through much of the twentieth century, the Soviet Empire grew to encompass much of Europe and Asia. Communist China, which continues to this day, was another epicenter. A broad estimate of the civilian deaths due to the revolutions, invasions, and repressions of rebellions is about 100 million people.

After World War 2, from 1945 until the Soviet Empire disintegrated in the 1987-1989 era, the off-and-on conflicts between the Soviet Empire and the United States and its allies was called the Cold War. Soviet Russia was considered our biggest threat. Both nations had more than enough nuclear weapons to turn each other to glowing piles of rubble. The unofficial war ended with the demise of the empire.

Castro was the Consummate Communist Dictator

Castro, backed by Russia, took over Cuba in a violent revolution in 1958-1959. The once-thriving economy ground to a halt, just as it did under every Communist country. His regime murdered and oppressed to their merry little souls’ delights. His regime murdered and oppressed to their merry little souls’ delights. Over the last 56 years, political dissidents were jailed, executed, or simply disappeared, following the Soviet playbook. He ruled at the point of a gun, as simple as that.

Freedom is the First Principle of Conservatism

Communism in practice is the opposite of freedom. And freedom is the First Principle of conservatives and conservatism. All other principles of government begin with freedom. Any society that dictates how you live your life, how much money you make, what your job will be, where you live, what legacy you are allowed to leave to your children, is a society a conservative will reject forcefully.

And a dictator who brings about and enforces such a society will be hated and reviled by all conservatives. Fidel Castro was a wicked, evil, despicable man who enriched himself on the blood of better men. He will be missed by nobody of consequence.

Class Dismissed

Got it? See you next time.

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