Conservatism Is Just White Supremacy?

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Students at one college campus tore down a poster praising “the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” and replaced it with one accusing their fellow students of white supremacy.

The racist, communist sign was put up after college conservative group Turning Point USA (TPUSA) members on campus put up several recruitment advertisements. Each TPUSA poster listed a reason why students should prefer to be conservative.

Among the reasons were:

  • “I believe in the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”
  • “I love economic freedom”
  • “All human life has value”

That is, basic points of human decency and conservatism.

Response By TPUSA Member

Chapter president for TPUSA, Kathryn Hinderaker, recently posted an opinion piece online about the signs being torn down:

“I’m definitely disappointed, but the vandalism is not unexpected. Everything we’ve every put up in my time at St. Olaf College has been torn down relatively quickly... we hoped the campus would be more receptive to our plea for dialogue.”

Counter Display

When the TPUSA signs were taken down, they were replaced by other student groups including Diversity Celebrations Committee, Women in Women, Celebrate South Asia, KARIBU club and St. Olaf’s Students of Color. All of these groups accused TPUSA of only caring about rich, white, straight students.

“They said: All Human life has value. They meant: If you are a RICH, WHITE, HETEROSEXUAL, MAN” declared one poster.

Another said:

“You are conservative because you have privilege, your privilege allows you to distance yourself from the effects of conservatism on marginalized folx.”

Note: They used the word “folx,” which is not a word, but apparently “folks” is now sexist or racist or something.

Yet another sign said this about capitalism:

Capitalism is a “way to continue the oppression of poor people, LGBTQIA+ folx, people of color, immigrants, and many more.”

In truth, capitalism has raised more people out of poverty than any other economic system in the history of the world. Unfortunately for you wimps, capitalism doesn’t reward people who take feminist dance theory or underwater basket weaving, capitalism rewards people who study something needed by others in society.

Everything I Don’t Like Is White Supremacy

Another one of the signs said:

“Conservatism is just White Supremacy calling itself a political ideology.”

If you’ve noticed that every grievance boils down to “you’re a white male!” it’s all under the heading of a belief system called postmodernism.

In postmodernism, every bit of human knowledge was allegedly recorded, reported and studied by only white males. Therefore, every bit of human knowledge is tainted by white males. If you hear a lefty say that it’s right for them to “point out” where white and male influence lies in the world, then they are postmodernists. Postmodernists aren’t interested in studying the Constitution, but they’re very interested in complaining that it was written by White Men.

Statement from Women in Science Group

Of the campus clubs that protest the messages left by TPUSA, only the Women in Science group made a statement:

“[We] believe that when such organizations engage in rhetoric that is problematic and hurtful to other groups/students on campus, then these groups have every right to respond in any way they choose.”

First of all, TPUSA wasn’t attacking other groups. The groups are all inserting themselves into the conversation and believing themselves to be the target of attack.

Secondly, the word rhetoric comes from an ancient Greek style of persuasion. Back then, rhetoric meant that you could bend the truth in order to win an argument. Nowadays the word has lost all meaning and only serves to make the person using the word look like, really smart and like, really well educated.


About The College

St. Olaf College is a four year liberal arts college in Northfield, Minnesota. The college was founded in 1874 by Norwegian-Americans and their affiliation is with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Their campus holds approximately 3,000 students, and their motto says (in translation):

“Forward! Forward! Men of Christ, Men of the Cross.”

Who Was St. Olaf?

Since the school was founded by Norwegian immigrants to America, they chose to name the school after former king and Patron Saint of Norway, Olaf II.

Olaf II lived from 995-1030 and was canonized after death. His sainthood was confirmed by Pope Alexander III, making him a saint in the Roman Catholic tradition as well as in the Eastern Orthodox Church. In America, St. Olaf is affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran church, as with this college. Traditionally, St. Olaf was largely responsible for bringing Christianity to Norway but modern scholars disagree, saying that converting the people of Scandinavia to accepting Christ took a long time.


Sources: Campus Reform, St. Olaf College

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