Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Trashes Christians On The House Floor

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Congresswoman Ilhan Omar took to the floor of the House again this week to attack Christians in an historically vicious rant, similar, but not nearly as bad as her actions in May. Omar proceeded to trash the pro-life laws that states like Alabama, Georgia and Ohio have passed to protect unborn babies from abortion. These remarks continue a pattern of attacking large groups of people, which previously included anti-Semitic remarks,

“But because it’s happening here with the support of the ultra-conservative religious right, we call it religious freedom,” the congresswoman declared, referring to the Pro-Life crowd.

If Omar wants to believe it is OK to kill a living, unborn human being, so be it. But to demonize those who do not think it is right is abhorrent.

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Here’s a sample of her rant:

“I rise today to defy the horrifying attacks happening against women’s reproductive rights all across this country,” Omar began.”Religious fundamentalists are currently trying to manipulate state laws in order to impose their beliefs on an entire society, all with complete disregard for voices and the rights of American women.”

“But because it’s happening here with the support of the ultra-conservative religious right, we call it religious freedom,” Omar continued. “Let’s just be honest, for the religious Right this isn’t simply about their care or concern for life. If they cared about or were concerned about children, they would be concerned about the children that are being detained and those that are dying in camps across our borders, or the children who are languishing in hunger and facing homelessness.”

“The recent efforts like those in Alabama, in Georgia, are only the latest in a long history of efforts to criminalize women for simply existing, to punish us when we don’t conform to their attempts to control us,” Omar continued.

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“This isn’t about religious morality or conviction because we’ve seen time and time again those that talk about their faith and want to push policies because of their faith are the ones that simply are caught with the hypocrisy of not living it out in their personal lives,” Omar said.

Such a sad commentary on hate. I do not know a single Christian who isn’t supportive of helping children facing hunger and homelessness. In fact, Christians, by a wide margin, lead the nation in charitable giving for such causes. It is the left, as we have discovered from tax returns, that are stingy with their money concerning charity.

The recent abortion bill signed into law in Alabama has initiated the meltdown of thousands of leftists. Yet they have no problem with the bills that they passed that allow abortion until the moment of birth.

I’m not sure why Rep. Omar felt the need to attack the citizens who supported these laws. This is yet another example of Democratic and progressive elites deigning themselves the arbiter of what is right.

They cannot debate the issue, so they demonize those that they disagree with. It lost Hillary the White House. You cannot call people ‘Depolorable’, and expect them to vote for you.

They have not learned from the lesson, rather they have revved up the rhetoric to historic heights.

I say that loses them another election.

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