Congressman Dan Crenshaw Puts Texas-Style WHOOPIN’ on Tax Increase Loving Democrats [Video]

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The Republicans have found a rising star in Congressman Dan Crenshaw, and this week he proved why as he gave the Democrats a Texas-Style WHOOPIN’ on their ambitions to tax their way into socialism.

Crenshaw, R-Texas, outlined the philosophical differences between the left and right on the role of government, saying “benevolent’ bureaucrats” have been responsible for wasteful spending.

Joining a freshman class with 15 other military veterans, the Houston Republican is quickly emerging as one of the bright lights of the Republican party.

“Why does the left hate the tax cuts?” Crenshaw asked in a Twitter post. “Because they think the people exist to fund the govt. We believe the govt exists to protect the inalienable rights of the people. When people keep their money, we get more jobs & wage growth, & less wasteful spending by ‘benevolent’ bureaucrats.”

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The tweet included video of Crenshaw discussing taxation and the role of government:

“It’s a question of whether the government should be taking more of your money of whether you should keep more of your money,” he said. “It’s the difference in the role of government, in what we believe. It seems to me that what you all believe is that the role of government is to tax the people as much as possible so you and your benevolent fellow academics can dream up more programs for the government to spend money on. I don’t believe that. I don’t believe that is what the role of government is for.”

Crenshaw serves on the Homeland Security and Budget committees. He went on to dispute the notion that the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was smoke and mirrors.

He then cited positive results in Texas that included increased education opportunities by $150 million at McDonald’s, $500 employee bonuses at Camp Construction Services, reduced bills for customers at CenterPoint Energy, $500 employee bonuses at Group One Automotive, and $1,600 employee bonuses at Cabot Oil & Gas.

Crenshaw set the stage for his direction last November in an essay on civility penned for the Washington Post, a rare platform for a congressman-elect from either party.

“The left and the right have different ways of approaching governance,” he wrote. “But many of the ultimate goals – economic prosperity, better health care and education, etc. – are the same. We just don’t share the same vision of how to achieve them.”

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In a Republican Party in need of younger, vibrant voices with a clear messaging ability, Dan Crenshaw might be exactly what the GOP is looking for.

The 34-year-old nearly died on a battlefield in Afghanistan six years ago.

Crenshaw served five deployments overseas. While on his third combat tour, he was hit by an IED blast during a mission in Afghanistan that destroyed his right eye and badly injured his left eye. After multiple surgeries, Crenshaw retained sight in his left eye and went on to deploy two more times, first to the Middle East, then to South Korea.

He then surged to a stunning victory last November in Texas.  He immediately became a rock star because of his war-hero story and a charisma that is drawing younger voters.

“It’s so exciting to have fresh faces emerging like Dan who will lead the Republican Party forward into the next generation,” said Jack Pandol, a spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee. “Wise political observers will start keeping an eye on Dan right now, because he has a bright future.”

“He really is what he appears to be,” said Dallas business executive and GOP donor George Seay, an early Crenshaw supporter. “He’s a non-politician who really just wants to serve his country.”

Expect to see Crenshaw on the campaign trail for 2020.

“I’ve always supported President Trump,” Crenshaw told Politico in May. “I didn’t always support candidate Trump.”

Ocasio-Cortez is the rising star in the Democrat party, beloved by young liberals.

Crenshaw is the rising star in the Republican party, beloved by young and old conservatives alike.

Picking teams for dodgeball? I take Crenshaw first! He is very Reaganesque in his messaging ability and appeal and he is the clear anti-Ocasion-Cortez.

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