Congress Passes THESE Two Pieces of Legislation! All While The Media Reports On Nonsense!

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Account life changing legislation is being passed in Congress. Yet the mainstream liberal media has not reported on it thus far. Now that the President has taken office those who were formerly forgotten are not anymore.

One of those groups of forgotten people has been military veterans. While they are among some of the most respected private citizens they are not treated as such. They are people who have sacrificed it all at times to make sure we can enjoy our freedoms.


Yet under the Obama administration the Veterans Administration was in shambles. The administration famously let people die waiting in line for their health care coverage which woke America up to the serious problem we had and still have.

In a near unanimous vote the House of Representatives passed two acts of legislation which will aid in putting returned veterans back to work all over the nation. One is named the Brave Act and the other the Hite Vets Act.

They will both play a crucial role in helping returning veterans adjust to economic conditions when they are home especially those who have not fully recovered yet. The Hire Vets Act introduces a medallion program that will help businesses to hire veterans. It will reward employers and businesses that,

 “recruit, employ and retain veterans; and provide community and charitable services supporting the veteran community.”

The Brave Act authorizes,

“the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), in awarding a contract for the procurement of goods or services, to give preference to offerors based on the percentage of the offeror’s full-time employees who are veterans.”

Due to a slow economic recovery from the recession which has caused a job shortage veterans have found difficulty in finding new work. Statistics prove such an outcome.  In March of 2016 the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that veterans with no disability are only able to reach 51.2 percent of labor force participation.

If you calculate that properly it means half of veterans are not employed. To make matters worse this number is 11 percent lower than the national rate of labor force participation. While veterans have one of the hardest jobs in the world they have not been treated accordingly.

Instead they have been dismissed and ignored while their rights have been infringed upon. Legislation such as this will incentivize businesses to aid in increasing veteran employment without expanding the government and mandating. Despite all the media reports of how Washington, D.C. is so wildly broken, it is clear that when push comes to shove, we can still get good policy to pass through the House.

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