Conan Gets Hilariously Trolled by Photoshoppers After ‘Haiti is Truly a Beautiful Country’ Tweet

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By now we have all heard the allegations against President Trump calling Haiti and other third world countries “sh*tholes.” And even though the President denies using the language and people at the meeting tell conflicting stories, the fact remains, these countries are sh*tholes. That assessment would be made by anyone by looking at the governments and living conditions in these countries! It doesn’t mean the people are bad people or the people deserve it, it’s simply the truth of the conditions where they live!

While holier than thou liberals like to make it seem like a racist comment, the truth is they have been making the argument that these countries are sh*tholes for years. No, they might not have used the word, but they certainly make the argument.

Why else should they feel such a need to accept immigrants from these countries? Why are people fleeing these countries to come to America? Why would it be so cruel to send them back to these countries? Because they are sh*tholes! If the countries are so great, then why do these compassionate liberals insist on America taking them in?

Bleeding heart liberal and late-night talk show host, Conan O’Brien, announced that because he usually loves what Trump hates, that he would travel to Haiti to prove what a beautiful country it is. And, the resort areas certainly are, but the other side of the island tells a very different story. Conan traveled to Haiti and met with locals and toured schools and will present his spin on Haiti in an upcoming episode of Conan.

While there, Conan tweeted out a beautiful picture of himself on a picturesque beach, holding a tropical drink and soaking in the sun in the water.  Yes, the picture shows the beautiful landscape and sure makes Haiti look to be anything but a sh*thole. But Twitter users who know better than to fall for this stunt took it upon themselves to show Conan how inaccurate his portrayal of the country really is and the results are hysterical. Check these out:

Conan O’Brien’s trip to Haiti will be aired on January 27 and will feature Haitian people bashing President Trump.

According to Entertainment Weekly:

President Donald Trump reportedly referred to Haiti as a “sh—hole” country, as reported by various outlets. So Conan O’Brien gave the people of Haiti the chance to say some things about Trump.

The TBS late-night host traveled to Haiti for an upcoming episode of Conan that will air this Saturday, Jan. 27. But the network has already shared a few clips from the television event, one of which shows O’Brien standing by the Haitian people as they roast the U.S. president.

“Mr. Trump, please come visit Haiti because every time you leave your country you make America great again,” one man joked.

“I know why President Trump doesn’t like Haiti: We have books!” another bystander cracked.

It also seems like the hypothetical 2020 presidential run for Oprah Winfrey already has a supporter. “I want to send a message of love to the leader of America,” a woman said. “Oprah, we love you!”

Trump denied making the “sh—hole” comment in reference to Haiti, El Salvador, and African countries after he was harshly condemned them. “The language used by me at the DACA meeting was tough, but this was not the language used,” he tweeted. “What was really tough was the outlandish proposal made — a big setback for DACA!”

“If we are poor, it is because we are all graduates of Trump University,” another Haitian man joked in the clip.

The fact is, the people of Haiti should want America to see the reality of their living conditions and secure any aid that America is so good at providing! I understand pride in your country, but the fact is most people would freely admit living in slums is not preferable! Haiti has a poverty rate of 56% according to Wikipedia. Again, isn’t that the argument for immigration that liberals are so tied to?

Look either these countries are sh*tholes and thus we are obligated to help by accepting immigrants that will likely come to America and live off of our generous system, or the countries are awesome and there is no reason to leave. Liberals can’t have it both ways.

I am all for providing aid to people who need it. I want to see the world become a better place. But there is only so much a country can be expected to do and Trump is recognizing that we have our own financial troubles and taking in more people that will require much more than they can contribute, isn’t the way to make America great again


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