Colorado Students Angrily Storm Out When School Shooting Vigil Turns Political

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Hundreds of students that were attending Colorado’s STEM School Highlands Ranch vigil for Tuesday’s shooting victims walked out as politicians turned it political. They turned the entire event into a call for gun control. It was supposed to be a memorial.

And while leaving they yelled, “This is not for us,” “Political stunt,” and “We are people, not a statement.”

The event was advertised as a vigil for slain student Castillo, but it was “sponsored by the gun control groups Brady’s Team Enough and March for Our Lives.”

Candace Craig, who has three kids attending STEM, said it was just too early for to push for action. She said the trauma is still fresh for the thousands of parents and their kids who suffered through the shooting and the anxious hours that followed.”

We need quiet. We need familiar faces. We need to hold our babies. We will heal and we will rise stronger and ready to say ‘enough,'” she said Thursday. “But right now, we are shaken. We are broken. We hurt for the families whose worlds were turned upside down with grief and loss. That’s what we want the world to hear from us.”

Trevor Hughes reported that the students were Frustrated, crying and angry. They felt their trauma was inappropriately politicized.

Frustrated, crying and angry, #STEMschool shooting victims hold an impromptu vigil in the rain Wednesday after leaving a gun-control vigil they felt inappropriately politicized their trauma. (They asked that I not photograph their faces close up, and I respected their wishes.)

The Federalist reported:

Colorado students walked out of an event billed as a vigil for Kendrick Castillo, an 18-year-old killed in a shooting at his school on Tuesday, when prominent speakers attempted to turn it into a rally for gun control. Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colorado) and Rep. Jason Crow (D-Colorado) each took a turn calling for gun control at the Douglas County event before students streamed out in protest.

In response to the shooting, a public vigil was announced at another local public high school: Highlands Ranch High School. It was sponsored by the gun control groups Brady’s Team Enough and March for Our Lives and featured Democratic politicians who seek limits on Second Amendment gun rights, but was billed instead as an event to remember and honor Castillo and other victims. As the politicians called for gun control, students left in protest over the politicization of the deaths and injuries.

Students then returned to the gymnasium, taking over the event, complaining about adults politicizing what they hoped would be a remembrance of their friend Castillo, a young man with an interest in robotics who had heroically rushed a shooter. Students also gave Bennet a piece of their mind, telling him to focus on “mental health” issues.

Breitbart News spoke to Andrew Pollack, father of Parkland school victim Meadow Pollack. We asked what he thought of the students’ decision to march out once the vigil turned into a gun control rally. He said, “I praise good parenting.”

Pollack added, “Kids are looking at the real issues, which center on things like mental health.

Well that did not work out too well. The left never lets a crisis go to waste. They should be ashamed, using the emotions of the kids, to press their failed ideology.

Gun control does not work. It would not have stopped this. It never does. Chicago, California, NYC,..Washington DC, all have incredible gun crime problems, and tight, very tight, gun control.

They did the same following the terrible school shooting in Parkland, Florida, last year, CNN hosted an anti-gun rally that whitewashed Sheriff Scott Israel’s fatal errors, blamed Second Amendment supporter Dana Loesch as a culprit, allowed Sen. Marco Rubio to be equated to the school shooter, and lifted up Democratic politicians such as Ted Deutsch as heroes.





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