Colonel Allen West: “If this one doesn’t inflame you, keep it to yourself”

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This story is so unbelievable there’s no real way to explain it, says Colonel Allen West: You can bet it’s not being reported on any mainstream news media outlets – because it doesn’t fit with their “let ’em all in” narrative. Not only did Barack Obama let a terrorist out of Guantanamo who killed a U.S. Army Medic – but the country of Canada has awarded this scumbag … wait for it: $10.5 million in a wrongful imprisonment lawsuit.

You heard me right. Omar Khadr, who now lives in Edmonton, is a Canadian-born man who pleaded guilty to killing a U.S. Army medic during a firefight in Afghanistan in 2002. He was 15 at the time. Now 30, Khadr was captured and went on to spend 10 years in the U.S. military prison Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.

According to CBC News, Khadr’s lawyers filed a $20-million wrongful imprisonment lawsuit against Ottawa, arguing the government violated international law by not protecting its own citizen and a deal was struck where the government will pay Khadr $10.5 million.

Who says crime, murder, terrorism and mayhem doesn’t pay? ‘How much of this $10 million will Khadr donate to the family of the soldier he murdered?’ That was rhetorical – we all know the answer – most of the money will go right back into bombs and more weapons no doubt.

Murray Marshall, father of Sapper Steven Marshall, holds some pictures of his son killed

Alberta PC Leader Jason Kenney and some other conservative politicians are lambasting the federal government over its move to apologize to Omar Khadr and pay him a settlement :

He followed up with a couple of other tweets suggesting Khadr should still be in prison.

But let’s be clear who’s fault this is: Thanks to Barack Hussien Obama, this murderer who willingly took the life of an American Soldier was released. And in what has to be the height of disrespect to the family of the Soldier killed by this little terrorist, he will be receiving millions of dollars, $7 million in U.S. equivalent.

So that’s it, this is how we stand up for our troops? The lesson learned here is that keeping a sniveling little jihadist awake for too long results in a lottery-like payday. And who are these “lawyers” who filed a “wrongful imprisonment” lawsuit? Do they not realize this is a war, and this boy committed an adult act taking the life of a lawful combatant, a Soldier in uniform?


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who is in Ireland, would not confirm any details of the settlement earlier Tuesday – there’s a shocker. Have you read or heard of this story anywhere else on CNN NBC CBS ABC FOX MSNBC NY TIMES WAPO – Anywhere?


“There can be no greater departure from sound doctrine and truth than to believe Omar Khadr, a killer of an American Soldier, is deserving of $7 million I believe even Saint Paul would call that FUBAR.”

— Col. West

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