College Trains Students To Support Women During Abortions

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One New England campus hosted a sold-out training workshop for students looking to provide emotional support for women during abortions.

There is a small victory here, where people who are pro-abortion are admitting to themselves that it is not like removing a mole or a cyst. There is the need for emotional support at the death of a child, though the group that hosted the training workshop have not yet made the connection as to why a woman would need someone to comfort her during the abortion.

The Event: Reproductive Loss & Abortion Doula Training

Held at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, the event was hosted by a group called DARLA and was listed as a Spring Reproductive Loss and Abortion Doula Training event. It was held last week over two days, and the exact location was only given to students who signed up.

The event listing answers a few questions, including why someone would want to attend:

“If you want to volunteer with DARLA as an abortion doula in-clinic, you are required to attend this training. However, you are not required to work with DARLA if you attend the training – you are allowed to attend to expand your own personal understanding of the issues and your view without committing.”

As well it stated that the event was not restricted by gender:

“Anyone (students, community members, staff, faculty etc.) who is interested in becoming an abortion doula or just wants to learn how to be better at emotional support!”

University of Massachusetts

The event took place as the Amherst campus of the University of Massachusetts. The Amherst campus has around 30,000 students and tuition is just under $15,000 for in-state students or $31,000 for out-of-state students. The school was founded in 1863 in order to provide education in the agricultural, mechanical and military arts.

U Mass campuses, with Amherst location highlighted on far left.

What Is A Doula?

According to WedMD, a doula is not a medical professional but is trained to provide emotional and physical support during pregnancy and childbirth. They can assist women by helping with chores and childcare during and after pregnancy. In some ways, she takes on and expands the traditional role of the adult woman in the family who has participated in previous births. The world doula comes from a Greek work that means “mothering the mother.”

A doula is not a midwife. A midwife is a registered health care provider and can take the place of an OB/GYN for prenatal care and delivery. Midwives are often certified to work in hospitals and at private homes. Midwife is an old English word that means “with woman.”

[SEE ALSO: Parents charged after child born at home without midwife dies from infection]

What Is DARLA?

The organization that put on the workshop is DARLA, or Doula Association of Reproductive Loss and Abortion. While it’s reasonable that a woman trained to work with pregnant women should learn how to comfort someone going through a miscarriage, or if the child dies soon after being born, it’s on a whole other level to actively coach women through their abortions. These aren’t medical abortions. This is training for people who want to coach women who are backed into a corner and having an abortion due to an extraordinary circumstance, like the famous case of the woman whose pregnancy, if brought to term, was allowed by a nun to go ahead with the procedure because if she did not, it would kill both her and the child leaving her family without a mother.

This is support for women choosing an abortion and wanting someone to help them through it.

According to the Facebook event,

“DARLA is committed to providing emotional, physical and informational support to people who are experiencing pregnancy termination or loss in Western Mass.”

Event Sold Out

On April 18th, three days before the event was held, the event page announced that they had been fully booked by curious attendees:

“Our Spring Abortion Doula Training is now at full capacity! If you weren’t able to make it to this, please like our Facebook page to be up to date for our next training. And if you are registered, expect an email in the next day or two with information on location and details. Thank you!”

Support For Abortions YES, Pro-life NO

Earlier this month we reported on a university in Ohio where a pro-life display was knocked over by two thugs caught on camera.

I’ll never understand how these colleges expect to keep their campuses full if they insist on killing off the next generation before they even get a chance to live.

Sources: Campus Reform, WebMD

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