College students believe Muslims should have more freedoms than Christians! [Video]

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Those “man on the street” interviews always make me cringe.  People are asked various easy questions and answer like idiots.  Poor man on the street.  How embarrassed you must be to have your ignorance on display for everyone to see.  But I figure, they are just some guy on the street.  Maybe he’s caught off guard.  Maybe he’s nervous.  Perhaps he really is an idiot.

But on a University campus, where you have to be pretty smart to even be a student there, surely they will be able to answer thoughtfully and impress us all.  Ha!  Have you been on a college campus lately?  Our “future leaders” are, by and large, a bunch of snowflakes being completely indoctrinated by their professors and drinking the kool aid with a smug smile on their face.

Enter the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF).  Their mission is to “advocate for your right to freely live out your faith.”  ADF presented University of Wisconsin students various scenarios about freedom and watching their logic crumble to pieces is quite enjoyable and yet, terrifying at the same time.

H/T Life Site

“In the ADF video, a man interviews a few students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, long regarded as one of the most liberal campuses in America. Drawing off actual cases in the news, he first asks them if a liberal dress designer should have the right not to make dresses for First Lady Melania Trump. One by one, they quickly say yes.

“Absolutely,” says one young woman.

Then the interviewer asks the students if a Muslim professional singer should have the right to “opt out” of performing at an Easter concert if his singing services were requested by a church. Each student says yes, the Muslim should be able to opt out so as not to be compelled to violate his beliefs.

“Yeah, if that goes against your religious views,” says one male student.”

The ADF man on campus then asks if the students agree with a local law that would allow the Christians to sue the Muslim singer for opting out of their Easter concert. The students opposed such a law.

Finally, the interviewer drops his politically incorrect bomb: “So let’s say you’re a Christian photographer here in Madison and someone approached you to do a same-sex wedding. Would that be hateful or discriminatory to opt out of that?”

Each of the students appears stumped at the prospect of a Christian’s right to opt out rather than sanction homosexual “marriages.”

“That’s such a sticky issue!” says one male student.

“I don’t know, I think it should just be, like, fair all around,” says a female student.

The video ends with the interviewer saying, ‘If a law that forces someone to promote something that’s against their beliefs is so laughable, so unimaginable, then why is it so difficult to extend that same freedom to a Christian creative professional?’ ”

Unfortunately, the interviewer’s questions are based on an actual case where a Christian photographer does not want to photograph gay weddings, as it conflicts with her religious beliefs.  The case hasn’t been decided yet, but ADF is defending her.  Hopefully, they will be able to show the judge the flaws of the case just as clearly as they have in the college video.

We can only hope that maybe, just maybe, one of these students actually realized what was happening as they stumbled.  Maybe being questioned caused them to actually question themselves.  Perhaps a light bulb actually went on in their brain and they realized “wow, I had no idea what a hypocrite I am!”  Somehow I doubt it, but you never know!

Liberal ideology can be easily exposed, but unless people are willing to actually listen, I fear little will change.

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