College Kids are Being Taught to be Mind-boggling Stupid: [VIDEO]

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If you have a kid in a university in America – get them out! They are being indoctrinated to the point where they are just mind-boggling stupid.

I’m not talking about idealism or hope and change here; I mean just flat-out dumbass idiots who do not have a chance in the real world.

Who is running these places of higher education? I don’t know, but I know they’re high.


I don’t know anyone who is in favor of bullying. Period. End of story. We’re all against bullying, but the solution is not to try and make people all the same without any difference between male and female. The simple fact that it can’t be done is stupid.

Being different is the good part, folks. Just watch this video and tell me that these kids aren’t living in a bad “dream world” concocted by folks who live in a sterile environment where they can pretend that men and women are the same.

Students at Seattle University have apparently been so indoctrinated with left-wing psychobabble they can’t even explain the difference between males and females:

“I think that all gender is fluid”?? She must be a riot on a date.

The fact is, outside of these ridiculous campus’ – there aren’t any physiologists, biologists, or any other serious physicians or scientists who will tell you with a straight face that a man can be a woman and vice-versa. If anyone tells you any differently and has a scalpel in their hand. RUN!

And when you’re done, run over to the quad, get your kid and get them out of these schools. They’re not doing anybody any good and when these snowflakes get out into the real world; they’re going to get the truth handed to them with their asses. By then they will have lost precious time, when they could have been livin’ the life.

When did this start you ask? A long time ago – back in the 60’s when hippies decided the only way to change America was to get the kids. Get those kids – says Marx, Mao, Hitler, Alinsky and Obama, because if you do – you can have your way with them when they’re “grown up.” Remember, these kids are America’s future leaders.

You can’t fool Mother Nature, said the margarine commercial and that broad! Yes, I said ‘broad’. You can stick a branch in your eye, but that doesn’t make you a tree.




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