College ‘Cry Closet’ May Be Last Refuge For So-Called Snowflakes During Finals

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Students are being offered ten minutes of solitude with stuffed animals in a “cry closet” to deal with the stress of exams.

The stand-alone closet is an art project by University of Utah student Nemo Miller. When using the closet, students are asked to post their experience on social media and to limit their time in the padded, darkened room to ten minutes each.

University of Utah

With almost 32,000 students, the University of Utah located in Salt Lake City offers almost 200 degrees. The school was founded in 1850 as the University of Deseret. The school’s mascot is Swoop the Red-Tailed Hawk, which was chosen with the blessing of the local Ute tribe in the mid-90s. Previously, the school’s mascot was The Crimson Warrior, which was a white horseman dressed up in an Indian costume. The rider would lance a bale of hay on the pitch before football games.

Famous graduates include the author Orson Scott Card, who has been criticized for his public declarations against homosexuality and same-sex marriage, Karl Rove the former Deputy Chief of Staff for George W Bush and Nolan Bushnell, the co-founder of Atari.

Two years ago, the University of Utah worked with Planned Parenthood to fund a “Sex Week,” with workshops with titles like “Make Your Own Safe-Sex Kit” and “Hip Hop Feminism.” As well, you can attend a Planned Parenthood Ambassador Training Event, which is similar to a “learn to comfort women through abortions” event held at the U of Mass last weekend.

‘Rules Of The Closet’

With students posting photos of the installation on social media, we can see the interior which has stuffed animals, as well as the rules.


The closet describes itself as:

“This space is meant to provide a place for students studying for finals to take a short 10-minute break.”

And the rules of the closet are as follows:

  1. Knock before entering.
  2. Only one person in the closet at a time
  3. Limit your time in the closet to no more than 10 minutes
  4. Turn lights and timer off before leaving
  5. User #cryclosetuofu if posing on social media

The stuffed animals make it look like it’d be a great place to crate a dog for a few minutes. But a student? At least they’re limiting it to only one person at a time. I’d hate to see what it looked like inside if they let several students enjoy the dark with themselves.

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Social Media Posts to #CryClosetUofU

The installation asks students to post their photos to the tag Cry Closet University of Utah, so let’s take a look to see what people are posting.

There are lot of posts to the tag, but most of them deal with private matters that we will not discuss here. Don’t touch the stuffed animals is all I can say.

Responses to people posting about closet are pretty good, swinging from making fun to students taking it seriously:

“Is your school a daycare?”

“The world is being run by crybabies we need to make our kids less this way”

“Dude when was the last time you were in college? It isn’t fun. When was the last time you had to study for 5 exams when those 5 exams all fall between the same two days? When was the last time you took 3 finals in one day? It isn’t f**king easy so yea sometimes we cry”

“We all know this will be used for things other than crying”

“I will PayPal $100 to anyone who places a TRUMP sticker in the thing and shows me photo evidence it happened. 100% serious no joke you have my word.”

“Actually, I think it’s quite a remarkably compassionate and psychologically healthy idea, and kudos to whomever thought of it (says this grizzled old former commercial fisherman from rural Oregon, for those “he-men” who might want to lob a “snowflake” ball at me).”

“That’s actually amazing if this is real but I feel like students will get more bullied cause people will just wait for someone to get out of there and ambush them lol”

News Coverage

With such a great piece of work, news stations were bound to pick it up. And because it’s current, it was also commented on by the hags at the View.

There is no funny news story that slips by Joy Behar without her needing to take a swipe at Donald Trump, and she wishes she had a “cry closet” on election day.

Sources: CW33, The View, Twitter

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