Coldest April in 20 Years Has People Wondering if Al Gore Did Too Much?

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The Nobel Prize winning inventor of the internet has fought global warming back so hard that we’re hitting record temperature lows.

According to unbiased reports from the last twenty years, tree pollen this year shows the evidence of a cold April. The late cold means a delay in pollen, which is 10 days late this year.

In the last month, temperatures in the continental United States were a record 2.2 degrees lower than the 20th century averages, resulting in the coldest April in 20 years. The information comes down from the National Center for Environmental Information.

In Pennsylvania, for example, it was the ninth coldest April since 1885.

Both Iowa and Wisconsin have come out to say that it has been the coldest April since they began keeping records. On average, it was the 13th coldest American April on record.

That is, don’t go planting your pumpkins outside yet. The soil is still too cold.

Extra Snowfall, Too

While the government Center won’t be releasing their surface temperature reports on the rest of the world until later this month,

As for the white stuff, Rutgers University Snow Lab says that snow cover was at its fifth highest since they started collecting data 52 years ago.

While the government Center won’t be releasing their surface temperature reports on the rest of the world until later this month, there’s NASA and the University of Alabama, who worked together to post satellite data on planetary temperature.

While the data from that study shows steady temperature trends for the first four months of the year, it was above the 30 year normal. Global temperature has warm and cold air masses moving all around the world, and some areas can be hotter or colder than normal even if the world average is different.

For example, the Arctic Ocean northeast of Russia showed temperature of the air to be 10 degrees higher than normal at the time when North America was recording lows.

The human cost for all these means that allergy sufferers will suffer a bit harder, because the late pollen is pushing the trees into overdrive to make up for the missing week and a half.

So, if you see Al Gore crying this month, we can assume it has something to do with the climate. Either the lies continuing to be broken down, or from the good old fashioned pollen. Either way, let him wail. I’m enjoying this.

Whoops! Hundreds of Climate Scientists Now Admitting Global Warming Never Existed

Last month, a round-up of the scientific studies published shows that at least 46 papers published in the first few months of 2018 showed that global warming was based on bad numbers and bad science.

In fact, even during 2017, there were 150 graphs from 122 scientific papers published in peer-reviewed journals indicating modern temperatures are not unprecedented, unusual, or hockey-stick-shaped. Nor do they fall outside the range of natural variability.

This can only mean one thing. Not just that global warming is a hoax, but that there’s no longer millions of dollars being pumped into global warming research now that Trump’s in charge. Global warming was a beautiful way for scientists to make money. It’s not always lucrative to be an egghead, so all you had to do to get your research bucks for the year allowing you to pay your employees and keep the Bunsens burning was to contribute to a report on global warming.

If you’re a bug scientist, contribute to a report saying that global warming is killing beetles. If you study agriculture, contribute to a study that blames carbon dioxide on the slow growth of yams in the Andes. And so on, and so forth. Not anymore.

It’s been getting a mite embarrassing anyway, with all the predictions turning to dust. One of the islands that was supposed to be underwater by now has actually grown in size. Tuvalu, a small Pacific nation has been tracked by the University of Auckland in New Zealand and they’ve found that they may have lied a teensy bit to the inhabitants, who were told that they’d all have to move. But with an extra 2.9% of land mass, they’ve got more going for them than ever.

Poor Al Gore. Maybe he can buy up that extra land mass and build some solar panels to make up for the scare.

Sources: Philadelphia Inquirer 

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