CNN’s April Ryan Makes Lunatic Claim About Sarah Sanders After Getting Owned: VIDEO GOODNESS

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Urban Radio Networks’ White House correspondent and political analyst for CNN April Ryan made a very strange claim after a heated exchange with White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. After the encounter, Ryan went on CNN and stated that Sanders made an oblique reference to a threat used on the streets during their clash.

“You were blind-sided,” Ryan said, recalling her question to Sanders. “She acknowledged she did not know. And then to go into um, the personal, it was not personal. It was not personal. What it shows me is, is that she is feeling that she was in a vice, you know of sorts.”

Ryan asked Sanders if Rudy Giuliani — a former federal prosecutor who is now on President Trump’s legal team — made a mistake by revealing that Trump had reimbursed his personal attorney, Michael Cohen, for the $130,000 paid to porn star Stormy Daniels. Ryan asked: “Did Rudy Giuliani do harm to the President today and last night in his conversations with Fox?” Sanders replied, “I don’t believe so.” Ryan than interjected, as she usually does, by demanding: “Why didn’t Giuliani talk to the White House press office about his impacting stellar statement about what was happening?” Sanders quipped with a smile: “The White House press office wouldn’t coordinate with the President’s outside legal team on legal strategy.”

Here’s where it gets bizarre… “But she went ‘street’ to me,” Ryan claimed. “To say something like, you know, ‘you don’t know me,’ in certain sectors of this nation, people understand what ‘you don’t know me’ means. It’s very ‘street,’ and it leads to a fight, a physical fight.” “So I’m not there to fight,” she said, “I’m there to ask questions and I’ve been doing it for twenty-one years, and very well. And I’ve had relationships with press secretaries, I just don’t seem to understand why these last two press secretaries like to point me out.”

The whole back and forth happened after Ryan offered a characterization of Sanders’ emotional state that she rejected. “You said yourself you were blind-sided,” Ryan said. “I actually didn’t use that term,” Sanders responded. “Well I said it,” Ryan retorted, “but you were blind-sided from what you said.” “Well, for, with all due respect, you actually don’t know much about me, in terms of what I feel and what I don’t,” Sanders responded. And that is exactly right. Ryan is among the rudest in the media and is showing it here. She’s hateful towards the Trump presidency and anyone representing it. Sanders was right to tell this hack that she doesn’t know anything about her.

Ryan also tweeted about Sanders using street fight lingo, noting that in Baltimore someone saying “you don’t know me” will start “fist fights.” “She needs to know what she is saying,” Ryan tweeted. “Take off that pretty ring to fornthe street fight.” The mayor of Baltimore, apparently a friend of Ryan’s, added, “I already took my earrings off and Vaseline in my purse.” Classy. So, Ryan and company are now making this about a street fight. She’s claiming that Sanders is throwing down and fists are going to fly. Anyone who knows anything at all about Sanders would laugh out loud at this.

Afterward, April appeared on a CNN panel and railed against Sanders, saying, “She took this personally, and it was not a personal attack. “[…] She was watching, she found out all of the information while she was watching Fox last night,” she continued her rant. “So she was blindsided. This was not a personal attack on her. And for her to say something like, ‘You don’t know me,’ that was very street.” “I’ve been around for 21 years at this White House, from the second term of Bill Clinton until the first term of Donald J. Trump,” Ryan added. “I’ve seen impeachment, I’ve seen war, I’ve seen peace. So I understand the process. I’m not a dummy, and do not discredit me.”

From The Daily Caller:

Ryan responded to the comments several times throughout the day on CNN, but she went beyond the pale on Don Lemon’s show when she suggested that Sanders’ words implied a physical altercation.

“If she’s upset about [my question] then that’s fine, I understand people in the White House are very upset,” Ryan said. “But what I will say to you is that…for her to say, ‘you don’t know me,’ in certain quarters in this nation that starts a physical fight.”

“I was very shocked, it was street. I will even go beyond that — it was gutter,” Ryan continued. “She can be mad at what I say right now: tough.”

If I didn’t know better, I would say that April was looking for a way to make herself the center of attention and relevant. She might also be terrified of Sanders. She certainly whined like a whipped cur about it on CNN. What a coward. Ryan then proceeded to get in a heated shouting match with Jason Miller, the former senior communications adviser for the Trump campaign.

No one deals with media vultures like Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Ryan pushes Sanders, who then pushes back… hard. Ryan is rude and a nut. She’s also a narcissistic grandstander. Sanders displays nothing but sheer class in her dealings with those such as Ryan. Take a seat April and the whole “I’m not a dummy” line is seriously in question here.

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