CNN Viewership Has Collapsed! 15th Place Behind The Food Network!

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CNN has had a rough time keeping up with MSNBC, let alone Fox in recent years, but after the Russian Collusion mantra fell apart, people have walked away from the network en masse! The “News You Can Trust” network, has definitely lost the trust of the American People. 90 million homes have access to the network, but a tiny fraction of that has been watching.

Far less than a million are watching, and that means more that 89 million are not!

Nighttime viewers have dropped 35% from this time last year to an average 783,000 prime time viewers.

To put it into perspective, Fox News was number one in all of cable with 2.5 million. They have nearly four times as many average prime time viewers as CNN. Fox has seen an increase of 2 percent since last year at the same time.

MSNBC has been dropping as well. The network has slipped to third place with just 1.77 million prime time viewers, which is 11 percent fewer than last year.

During the day, CNN at least climbs into the top 10 at #6 in all cable viewing, but they lost 17% in total day viewers from last year.

Here are the rankings of the Basic Cable Top 10 – Prime time (Total Viewers)

Fox News (2,478,000)
TNT (2,228,000)
MSNBC (1,771,000)
HGTV (1,187,000)
USA (1,080,000)
History (1,072,000)
ESPN (1,046,000)
TBS (953,000)
Hallmark (938,000)
A&E (936,000)

John Nolte ate Breitbart gives some priceless commentary:

It has devastated CNN.

MSNBC has effectively lost any chance it once had to overtake Fox News for the cable news crown. CNN, though, is slipping into the abyss … and deserves to.

To its credit, MSNBC does not pretend to be an unbiased, objective news outlet. MSNBC is openly left-wing.

To its everlasting disgrace, though, CNN does pretend to be objective, even as it literally devoted tens of thousands of broadcast hours to pushing the ludicrous conspiracy theory that President Trump had colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 presidential election.

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Almost 24/7 for more than two years, CNN assured and reassured its viewers that Trump would be arrested after the next commercial break. And when the Mueller Report exonerated Trump on collusion and obstruction, and because CNN drank its own kool-aid, the fake news network was completely caught off guard with nothing to say other than humma humma humma racist humma.  

The fact that CNN lost so many viewers during this last week, a massive news week, a week that saw the release of the Mueller Report, says so much.

This week is not shaping up to be any better. CNN’s gimmick programming of five Democrat infomercials fell flat on its face and then this happened on Tuesday.

Nevertheless, CNN continues to thrive because 89 million suckers who don’t watch CNN still pay for it.

Latest polls claim that confidence in the media has hit rock bottom. Many news consumers believe that reporters file their reports before knowing the facts. 60 percent assume that sources pay for stories.

The media has done a pretty good job of undermining the trust of the American People for decades.

They built that all on their own. It is not just a definitive leftward slant, they actually put items out that are totally false! Not long ago we were discussing Buzzfeed fake stories about Trump and the MSM fail at the Covington boys.

But I all to well remember in the 80s:

Reagan would give a speech. Sam Donaldson would repeat, falsely, what he wanted Reagan to have said. The he would argue against what he said Reagan said. I had just watched the speech. Reagan did not say what Sam Donaldson said he had said, so his argument was a red herring.

Sad case for one of the pivotal institutions in America, the Press!

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