CNN News Schedule Filled Through June: Donald Trump Jr.’s Wife Files For Divorce

Mysterious white powder in letter opened by Vanessa Trump speculated as final straw

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Amid reports of a strained marriage in the middle of a Presidential election, Russia-collusion probe and finally – a white powder scare in an envelope opened by Donald Trump Jr.’s wife (which you barely read about), Vanessa Trump has reportedly filed for divorce.

She’s filed in an uncontested proceeding in Manhattan Supreme Court, which means it’s probably pretty congenial and she does not expect a big legal battle over custody of their five children or assets. My guess is she has just had enough of public life and who could blame her? Five kids with mysterious white powder showing up in the mail, Secret Service everywhere and the news media and Democrats (but I repeat myself) calling her husband a Russian spy 24/7?

Sad that this is what American politics has become: Pure destruction of the most personal kind. I don’t like it when conservatives do it to Hillary and I don’t like it the other way around. But it works – so it goes on and on.

You get the government you deserve, folks – so you’re going to get people in charge who have skin so thick they don’t give a hoot that their grandchildren know they banged porn stars or got serviced under their desks by chubby interns.

Just once, I’d like to see a guy pick a really great Vice-President who is uber-qualified to be Vice-president and then on Day Two, step down and let him or her be president so they don’t have to go through it. It’s repulsive to watch. The debates, where we decide who’s going to be the most powerful person in the world by who gets the best zinger in? Who has the best joke writer wins the debate? It’s ridiculous. The clown wins!

But back to Donald Trump, Jr. – honestly I never thought too much of the guy, only because I thought he was trying too hard. He came off too much like he was trying to be his dad. Just stop already – take a look at Eric, going through his day like a guy who has his own identity. Or Ivanka who like her or not – has her own identity… as a far-left, delusional, hippie in a designer clothing – but still..

I’m sad for him. I lost a dog once and I didn’t recover, ever, and I can’t imagine what it’s like to have to get divorced and I’m truly sorry for DTJ. I hope you get back together with Vanessa. My biggest and best advice is to always never, ever take advice from me – but I can’t help it here:

Quit politics, man. Quit first, then go to her and say; “I love you this much that I’m giving up my dreams and from here on out I’m only dreaming of you and the kids in that order.” Then say you’re moving far away from the media and the Democrats and Facebook. Get on a yacht if you have to but get the F out of here. It’s your only chance. To hell with this country – your family is more important.

You have to give it a shot pal, don’t be a dope.

Somebody send this article to him, okay?


Vanessa and Trump Jr. were married in 2005, so five kids in 13 years is a whole lotta lovin’ and a whole lotta heart break. Money cannot and does not take the place of dad. Ever. There’s proof of that in spades.

Last month, Vanessa was taken to the hospital after receiving a letter containing white powder that was later deemed to be baby powder or something. What assholes these compassionate liberals are, eh? Pricks. If this happened with one of Obama’s daughters there would be five months of calls for shutting down the Tea Party and more gun control.

Don Trump Jr. got rid of his Secret Service detail for a little while in September, reportedly because he wanted more privacy and it’s well-known I guess that Vanessa is a private person. Who knows – it might have been her idea or whatever – but the Secret Service is back, you can bet that after the powder incident. The letter was addressed to Don Jr. in case you’re wondering – so… the wife is opening up his mail. Trouble in paradise or ‘hey I open his mail all the time..’?

“After 12 years of marriage, we have decided to go our separate ways,” they said in a joint statement. Why do couple’s do that? We all know it’s BS. Why don’t you just do your business and if you want to be private, just be private and not lay that on everyone.

Don, you gotta quit politics – did I mention that?

“We will always have tremendous respect for each other and our families. We have five beautiful children together and they remain our top priority. We ask for your privacy during this time.”

Hey good luck with that one folks.

CNNMSNBCABCNBCNYTIMESWAPOHUFFPOFACEBOOK will be chomping at the bit and talking about the following through the next election:

The divorce will drag out forever so Vanessa could invoke spousal immunity to avoid testifying against her husband while their divorce is still pending.


Vanessa may be filing for the split now to secure a financial settlement before the Mueller probe potentially puts her husband’s assets at risk.

Both BS – but THIS… IS CNN.



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