CNN Hypocrisy: Kennedy Was A Stud And Trump Is A Dud

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Donald Trump’s alleged affair with a porn star has been causing moral meltdowns at CNN. At the same time, they’re hyped up for a new show about the “legendary love life” of JFK.

Oh, give me a break. Democrats have been cheating on their wives and raping interns for decades and you haven’t cared. I’m not shocked to see that CNN could only keep up the fainting couch hysterics for a few weeks before going back to their gross roots of thinking that cheating and philandering is cool.

Stormy Daniels

There hasn’t been any question on the conservative side that yes, if Trump was involved with any woman while he was married to Melania then it’s immoral and the behavior should be condemned. CNN agreed with us, and did anything they could to promote interviews with Stormy Daniels, the woman alleging the affair.

But we knew that CNN was only going along with it because they wanted to make Trump look bad. Since Bill Clinton, since Kennedy, the left wing media hasn’t cared a whit about the disgusting habits of married men in the White House.

CNN’s “The Kennedys”

In the last few days CNN has been promoting their new piece “The Kennedys” which will explore the “legendary love life” of JFK. They skip right over the fact that, holy heck they’re not even pretending to be shocked that he had affairs, but are asking how exactly his inability to keep it in his pants got him in deep with the mob.

At the time of this posting, the tweet

The show will focus on Judith Exner, also known as Judith Campbell. Campbell was introduced to JFK through Frank Sinatra and acted as a go-between for JFK and the mob.

Later on, Judith claimed to have aborted JFK’s child. Sounds like a lovely woman.

She was born in New York and later moved to Los Angeles where she married actor William Campbell, who acted in shows from Bonanza and Gunsmoke all the way to Star Trek and Kung Fu: The Legend Continues. The two divorced in 1958 and starting in 1960 Judith and JFK allegedly began their 18 month affair while he was still a Senator. It was in 1960 that Sinatra introduced Judith to mobster Sam Giancana of the Chicago Mafia.

Judith Campbell Exner


JFK’s Mistresses

It would be a great disservice to Jackie Kennedy to guess that she didn’t know what was happening. Like her or hate her, she wasn’t stupid. Everyone else knew what was going on. So who were the mistresses, exactly?

Marilyn Monroe is the biggest of the names, and CNN is focused on Judith Campbell but here are the other names of other alleged affairs:

  • Priscilla Wear, a White House staffer
  • Jill Cowan, a White House Press Officer staffer. She later said JFK was “fascinated with youth.”
  • Mimi Alford, a White House intern, who said that JFK wasn’t looking to “replace his marriage.”
  • Mary Pinchot Meyer, whose love letters from JFK were recently put up to auction

Happy Birthday, Mr. President

On May 19th, 1962, Marilyn Monroe appeared at a 45th birthday celebration for JFK and sung him the most famous version of Happy Birthday To You ever recorded. More than 15,000 people attended and it was billed as a fundraiser for the Democrats. Afterwards, JFK himself commented:

“I can now retire from politics after having had Happy Birthday sung to me in such a sweet, wholesome way.”

Jackie Kennedy was not present at the event and instead spent the day at a horse show with her children. I can’t imagine the humiliation involved of knowing that one of the biggest sex symbols of the century was cooing to my husband while I entertained the kids.

Look, Trump’s no angel but nobody voted for him guessing that he’d be the spiritual leader of the country. What did we expect from the guy who used to appear on Howard Stern to talk about his intimate lifestyle choices, the guy who marries supermodels? Trump won because of border security. Anyone else could’ve stepped up and talked border security, but it was only Trump, so yeah, that’s why conservatives and Christians voted for the man. What we don’t need in our lives is for CNN to simultaneously tell us that Trump’s a sex pest when they’re still fawning over JFK and will definitely do the same thing for Bill Clinton when he dies, too.

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