Climate Change Activists Storm Harvard-Yale Game, Demand Climate Action… Police Forcibly Remove Them

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As former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino tweeted, “If we haven’t yet reached peak stupid, then we are assuredly about to cross the event horizon.” We certainly are. Hundreds of privileged, virtue-signaling climate activists stormed the field for yesterday’s college football game between Harvard and Yale, demanding action on climate change and demanding that the U.S. cancel Puerto Rico’s debt. Those thrilled by this insanity included Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, David Hogg, and Elizabeth Warren… all Marxists. Everyone else was just annoyed.

“Dozens of protesters started running on the field about three minutes before halftime ended and delayed the Game by roughly 30 minutes,” The Harvard Crimson reported. “They held signs bearing ‘Yale and Harvard United for Climate Justice’ and started chanting ‘Divest.’ Several dozen police officers took to the field to meet the protesters, and at least 50 people [were] escorted off the field by police officers.” Yes, because they demanded to be arrested. Police obliged them and zip-tied them two by two and marched them off the field.

From The Daily Wire:

“A Yale student told The Guardian that students began pushing the two universities to stop investing in energy companies they claim are causing climate change, saying, “They believe that they can engage with these companies and get them to change their fundamentally extractive business models, which we think comes from a place of naivety amounting to gross negligence.”

“A separate video that appeared to be from the incident showed the far-left protesters demanding that the U.S. cancel Puerto Rico’s debt.

“Shortly after the protests began, law enforcement officials began to take people into custody.

“ESPN college football studio host Matt Barrie tweeted: “Harvard-Yale update: The protestors have told police they want to be arrested. So police have tied them together, two at a time, and are taking them off the field. Kickoff in about 10-mins.”

“Far-left activist David Hogg, who attends Harvard, suggested that protesting at the football game was needed to save everyone on the planet from dying.

“You know what’s more important than a football game? The survival of the human race,” Hogg tweeted. “Complain all you want, but if we don’t do something now, Harvard won’t be able to continue beating Yale 100 years from now because there will be no human race. #HarvardYale”

“We need some 1960s level activism to save our planet and democracy. In the next couple of years, the protests will become so big that cops wont be able to handle it and the national guard/military will have to be called in. But you can be sure we will persist and win,” the far-left activist continued. “Peaceful political revolution is on the horizon, but we need to all get out, take a stand, vote and run for office. Our enemies are much bigger than any politician, our enemies are the sources of evil that perpetuate injustice.”

“We will not act with violence, negativity, and hate because that is what the oppressor wants,” Hogg continued. “Instead we will act with love and tolerance to eradicate the hate and intolerance that empowers the oppressor. Together we can create a loving America and a truly free country.”’

Approximately 150 protesters stormed the field delaying the game by about 30 minutes. Harvard led 15 to 3 as the Ivy League students rushed the New Haven, Connecticut, football field during halftime. A group of students held a banner that read “Nobody wins: Yale & Harvard are complicit in climate injustice.” In my humble opinion, the teams should have run right over them. The crowd would have loved it.

ESPN sports broadcasters said the students stormed the field from different sides of the Yale bowl. They then proceeded to sit in the middle of the field shortly before the game’s second half was set to begin. The crowd grew when players from both teams returned to their respective locker rooms. “Hey hey, ho ho, fossil fuels have got to go,” some protesters chanted. Can’t they come up with something more original and more intelligent than that?

One of the organizing groups, Divest Harvard, took to Twitter to celebrate the press coverage the protest received. “The first coverage of #HarvardYale action happening right now from @guardian! Wealthy institutions like Yale & Harvard, with endowments totalling $71 billion have no right to profit off the destruction of the planet and land.”

The student protests were, of course, celebrated by celebrity activists. “I’m proud to support the students of @DivestHarvard and @FossilFreeYale who disrupted #HarvardYale today to call for fossil fuel divestment,” wrote actress Alyssa Milano on Twitter. “When our richest universities are invested in the destruction of the planet #NobodyWins.”

Actress Daryl Hannah also took to Twitter to praise the students. “I congratulate & thank @fossilfreeyale & @DivestHarvard & the work of young activists around the globe who are calling for urgent change to the status quo,” she wrote. “Harvard and Yale, it’s time to divest. Because when it comes to the further destruction of our planet #nobodywins.”

You can’t just enjoy sports anymore. These jerks have to spoil it for everyone. We have indeed reached peak stupidity in 2019. Harvard and Yale ain’t what they used to be… maybe they never were. #NobodyWins when these hippie morons get their way.

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