Is your City a Bible-minded City?

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According to the American Bible Society and Barna Group, the Birmingham-Anniston-Tuscaloosa geographic area of Alabama is the American city with the most Bible-minded citizenry.

Barna group explains on it’s website that, Bible-minded refers to a “definition (that) captures action and attitude—those who both engage and esteem the Christian scriptures. The rankings thus reflect an overall openness or resistance to the Bible in various cities of the nation.”

The study interviewed over 60,000 persons over a 10-year period and “…explores how Bible engagement plays out regionally in the United States.” The group focused on the 100 largest US media markets.

Barna also offers to sell interested parties a, “complete faith profile of the residents of your (or any other) city or state.” The participants in the poll were labeled as “Bible-minded” for reading the Bible once in the previous week. They also were considered “Bible-minded” if they believe in, or adhered to, a literal interpretation of scripture.

The Southern states continue to dominate the list of top Bible-minded cities and this should come as no surprise to those of us who hail from the ‘Bible-belt’ where you can practically pop in to a Church on every corner of many Southern cities… What has changed is that the good ole folks in Tennessee no longer top the lists of Southern states with the most Bible-minded cities, but instead the Volunteer state has dipped in the polls to number 2!

Taking the top of the list for the first time is… insert drum roll here… Alabama. The Crimson Tide state (where an appeals court has just cleared the way for gay marriage) leads with the metro Birmingham area with 51% of residents reporting to be Bible-minded. Other Southern states with cities in the top ten are NC, VA, SC, AR, MS, and LA. (Take that TEXAS!!! Maybe being Texas ‘big’ doesn’t translate to being Bible-minded!) Apparently there aren’t enough Lone Star citizens are reading Leviticus! Better dust off them bibles Texas, or next thing ya know, your cities will be wheelin’ in at 95 with Las Vegas, NV! Or, worse yet, at 100 with those Bible-neglecting jerks in Providence, RI.

Find your city or state on their 2015 map of America’s Most Bible-Minded Cities.

Other cities in the bottom ten include a variety of mostly Western and Northeastern American cities… the Albany, NY area (10%), Boston, MA (14%), the San Francisco, CA area (15%), Cedar Rapids, IA (15%), Hartford, CT (16%), Buffalo, NY (16%), Phoenix, AZ (17%) and Salt Lake City, UT (17%).  New York City is ranked 91st on this year’s list, with only 17% of citizens being Bible-minded (take a bite outta THAT Big Apple)!

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