Citizenship Question Sends California Over The Edge

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The next census is set to ask a question that’s already infuriating Democrats who believe it will rob them of power in Congress.

Taking place every ten years, the next census will arrive in 2020 and will now ask respondents to declare their citizenship.

Required By Constitution

Counting the population every ten years is required in the Constitution. This is to ensure that federal funds are distributed fairly, and to determine the number of seats that each state will be given in the House. As well, it helps local governments determine which growing or shrinking populations need public services from hospitals to schools.

The census asks questions ranging from the age of people in your household, to ethnic background to income.

The Constitution requires an ‘actual enumeration’ every ten years and the numbers are based on the ‘number of free persons’ in every state.

Authority To Determine Census Questions

With the deadline looming, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross was told by Congress to have the questions for the next census submitted by the end of this March. Secretary Ross has now handed over the questions and is already being forced to defend the simple addition of a question asking for citizenship and immigration status.

Justice Department Requires Information

The addition of a citizenship question is intended to help the Justice Department enforce the Voting Rights Act which was passed to help protect the voting rights of minorities. So, if you tick the boxes indicating that you are part of an ethnic minority and an American citizen, this information is compared to voting habits. If it looks as if ethnic minorities are not voting, then the cause must be investigated.

Of course, if you tick off that you are an ethnic minority who is not an American citizen, there is no reason to believe that your absence at the polls is due to voter suppression.

California State Attorney Leads Fake Outrage Brigade

Several state attorneys general have banded together and have been asking the Commerce Secretary to not add questions concerning citizenship because they believe it will lower the voting participation of minorities and immigrants. They have not offered any argument against asking for citizenship beyond claiming that asking citizenship is “illegal.”

California’s Attorney General Xavier Becerra threatened to sue the Trump administration over the census change:

“We’re prepared to do what we must to protect California from a deficient Census. Including a citizenship question on the 2020 census is not just a bad idea, it’s illegal.”

Of course, there are legal non-citizens living in the United States who are working and attending school. It’s not simply a matter of ethnic minority rights. If you are counting the number of Americans, you should be able to gather information on who is actually an American citizen.

Democrats Melting Down Over Missing Seats

According to the California lawsuit, the ‘actual enumeration’ mandate should count both citizens and non-citizens.

One of the reasons that California’s attorney general has submitted a lawsuit over the census is that if non-citizens are excluded from the number of seats assigned to an area, then Democrat-controlled areas in places like California are likely to lose seats. California is already losing population to states including Arizona and Texas. 

Every conservative knows that the reason the left wants free immigration is that the aliens will pump up the Democrat numbers. This is just another admission from the left that yes, they rely on bringing up waves of illegals in order to keep their power in Congress over real Americans.

Nancy Pelosi Also Crying To Media

According to the aged House Democrat leader, Nancy Pelosi of California, the addition of a citizenship question:

“…will inject fear and distrust into vulnerable communities and cause traditionally undercounted communities to be even further under-represented, financially excluded and left behind.”

If I’m reading correctly, this is Pelosi’s logic:

  • The census will ask ethnic minorities for their citizenship status
  • If it turns out that ethnic minorities are generally less like to be citizens of America, then voter turnout should appear to favor candidates and platforms that are not concerned with that ethnic minority
  • It will become clear that there are many non-citizens in the ethnic minoritiy community
  • Therefore, ethnic minority communities will not be catered to by the government, because the government only cares about the opinions of citizens
  • ??
  • Racism!

Ted Cruz Is Making Sense

On the other hand, Ted Cruz (who is almost guaranteed to win his seat back in November) has been working with other Republicans to praise the citizenship addition, along with Tom Cotton of Arkansas and Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma. Cruz sent a letter to the Commerce Department a while ago urging Wilbur Ross to add the question:

“It is imperative that the data gathered in the census is reliable, given the wide ranging impacts it will have on US policy. A question on citizenship is a reasonable, commonsense addition to the census.”

History of Citizenship on Census

Between 1820 and 1950, almost every ten-year census asked a question about citizenship in one form or the other. Republicans had pushed for a citizenship question to be included in the 2010 census, as well.

In 2010, 74% of household mailed in their forms and the rest of the information was collected by people walking door-to-door.

Sources: ABC, Washington Post

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