Chicago Libs Target 10-Year-old Barron Trump: They’re About to Learn a Hard Lesson!

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Some people just don’t get it. First there was the video trying to label Barron Trump as autistic. Then last week a Saturday Night Live writer, Katie Rich was suspended indefinitely for a tasteless tweet she posted on Twitter that said “Barron will be this country’s first homeschool shooter”. For which Rich then apologized and deleted her Twitter account.

Now it looks like another Chicagoan is at it again. This time comedian Shannon Noll, with a play targeting Barron Trump in “Barron Trump Up Past Bedtime”. What is it with fellow Chicagoans who think it’s o.k. to go after President Trump’s 10-year-old son? Even one of their own fellow liberals, Chelsea Clinton, agreed kids like Barron Trump should be “off-limits”. Come on Man! Barron-Trump-Revival-Promo-575x460

H/T The Gateway Pundit:

A play scheduled to open Saturday night in Chicago targets Barron Trump, the ten-year-old son of newly sworn in President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump.

The play, titled, “Barron Trump Up Past Bedtime”, stars comedian Shannon Noll as Barron and is set for the Revival Theater in Hyde Park, the neighborhood of Trump’s predecessor former President Barack Obama. Melania Trump will also be targeted in character on stage. But the main target, of course, is President Trump.

After eight years of presidential children being off limits (to the point news articles about them disappeared after White House warnings), they are “fair game” now that a Republican is president. A headline about the play at the Chicago Reader makes that very point about young Barron Trump being “fair game”: Barron Trump is fair game in Barron Trump: Up Past Bedtime


(Shannon Noll in character as “Barron Trump”.)

The Revival Theater’s description of the play:

“Join Donald Trump’s youngest heir Barron Trump (as played by Shannon Noll) for a “Pee Wee’s Playhouse-style” show that features celebrity guests (Melania Trump, Ben Carson, and Vladimir Putin) patriotic games (Pin the Email on the Clinton), and fancy fun!”

The Chicago Reader interviewed Noll about the play.

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