Cher Tweets: President Donald Trump’s Children ‘Aren’t Worth a Damn’: Opinion by DJ Mellons

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DJ Mellon’s Opinion| Cher has decided that attacking the President is not enough, and has now gone after his children.

Cher celebrated a triumphant set at London’s O2 Arena in the most Cher way possible – sub-tweeting Donald Trump in an all-caps rant.  After ending the night with a remixed version of her 1998 hit ‘Believe’, it appears that the first thing the singer did was to log straight onto Twitter.

This is on the heels of her taking to Twitter to denigrate Trump’s children, saying they “aren’t worth a damn.” It is far from the first time this washed-up, horrible mother has made waves on Twitter, communicating her disgust that Trump won the election and is the President of the United States.

It used to be people respected the rule about keeping children out of it. You didn’t see folks going after young Chelsea Clinton when she was a little girl, but now – anyone and everyone is fair game.

Trump’s kids are pretty accomplished. Can we say the same about Cher’s offspring? What has Chaz Bono accomplished, besides being the daughter / son / what have you / of two famous and rich people? I don’t even know what Chaz does besides look for attention and look awfully sad.

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That was not the first dig Cher perpetrated against one of Donald Trump’s children this week. Earlier this week, the Oscar-winning actress went on the attack against Ivanka Trump, again over China, and called her and the president the “first family who commits treason.”

But Cher angered many on the left, recently, by seeming to agree with conservatives who feel that America’s cities cannot sustain a constant influx of illegal aliens.

Last month Cher tweeted that Los Angeles can’t even take care of its own people, much less an avalanche of illegals. Cher said she could not understand how LA could afford to admit and take care of more illegals when city officials have failed to care for the homeless, for veterans, and poverty-stricken Americans already in their midst.

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On the heels of that tweet, Cher took a ton of heat from the left a second time when she tweeted that she was against the idea floated by Sen. Bernie Sanders who wants to allow criminals still in jail to vote.

The pop icon soon felt the need to defend herself against attacks from leftists who thought her previous tweet was gauche. In a follow-up tweet, Cher yelled “Excuse the Fk Out Of Me If I don’t want Murders, Rapists, &; CHILD MOLESTERS of every color to vote.”

Why do these people, like Cher, have to show such vitriolic character? I don’t care that she has a liberal ideology, it is the hate that comes with it. It ruins the who shebang! Get on Twitter and express why you believe what you believe! Express why you disagree with conservatives or President Trump. Make a logical case for why you take the position that you do!

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But to just be hateful is insane! Donald Trump has never felt the need to insult Chaz Bono. At least President Donald Trump’s kids are normal, living normal healthy lives. They don’t do drugs or party.

Actually Cher, these kid have been a whole lot more well behaved in society that you have at times, as well as your offspring! The President’s children are highly educated, intelligent, successful, good parents, and are determined to make the world a better place.

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Shall we bring up drug and mental problems Cher?

Sheesh! Why even go there!

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