Chelsea Handler Admits Trump’s Election Drove Her To Drugs And To Seek Psychiatric Help

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Comedienne Chelsea Handler has had a rough time since President Trump was elected. I have no sympathy for this shrill unhinged leftist, but she certainly has caved herself in over Trump becoming president. She claims that his election forced her to seek psychiatric help and smoke cannabis for anxiety relief. What a snowflake.

While she is yet again playing the victim card here, Handler is trying to capitalize on it to sell more of her new book: ‘Life Will Be the Death of Me’. She appeared on Real Time With Bill Maher to tell everyone about her tragic experiences over Trump. Maher quizzed the failed Netflix talk show host about her new book where she tells the story of how Trump’s election victory over Hillary Clinton sent her spiraling toward a “mid-life identity crisis.” Poor baby. I suggest unplugging in 2020 then.

“You know I’m reading your new book and I’m feeling like a bad friend because I didn’t realize you were suffering so much.,” Maher began. Oh, please. “Everyone took the 2016 election hard, but I didn’t know it really knocked you down like that. And you came back stronger, that’s what the book is about.”

“Yeah I had a midlife identity crisis once Trump won because I had never had my world feel so unhinged I think,” Chelsea Handler whined. “And I had to pay a psychiatrist to listen to me b*tch about Donald Trump for about the first three weeks.”

“For me it was a huge emotional trigger of everything being destabilized and privileged I’d been all my life to be this upset every day… and the outrage and the anger, I just wanted to f*cking fight people,” she continued. Well, I agree… she’s definitely not right in the head.

From Fox News:

“I had to pay a psychiatrist to listen to me b—- about Donald Trump for about the first three weeks,” Handler told Maher. “And then once when we got past that and got to the real stuff, I realized the parallel there was my world becoming unhinged when I was a little girl, my brother died when I was nine years old. I had never related the two, but for me, as I can imagine it must have been for so many people, it was an emotional trigger of everything being destabilized and I realized how spoiled and privileged I had been all my life and realize to be this upset and this on-a-ten every day and the outrage and the anger, I just wanted to f—ing fight people, you know? And I was like, ‘I have to go see a psychiatrist.’”

Sounds like she should have done that years ago.

From Breitbart:

“Maher then asked Handler about how Trump’s election also led her towards drugs such as marijuana to help quell her political anxieties. Over recent years, Handler has made countless bizarre rants about Trump and his supporters, even questioning whether they enjoy watching people suffer.

“What I discovered is alcohol and outrage are not a good mix… so I pivoted to towards weed and cannabis, and for me the cannabis was a gateway drug to meditation,” she told Maher. “And then, I had my awakening, and I was like, hey, fuck Trump, we’ve got so many other beautiful things going on.”’

Maher suggested Handler had experienced “white guilt.” She agreed, explaining she felt she did not have “the right to be in pain” because she was not the victim of a traumatic event like rape or molestation. This is just stupid… sorry, it must be my ‘white guilt’ showing.

Handler then said that Trump’s election also led her to become a regular pot smoker.

“I’m a more mindful citizen because of it and I woke up. I’m in an awakening,” Handler said. “And then, I had my awakening and I’m like, ‘Wait! F**k Trump!’ We’ve got so many other beautiful things going on. There’s optimism, there’s beautiful things happening.” Yep, especially if you are high or drunk.

She actually said that marijuana is a “gateway drug to meditation.” Spoken like a true stoner. And Handler is not even close to ‘woke’. She’s going to have a very rough time next year. I can’t wait.

Sources: Breitbart, TheBlaze, Fox News, The Hill, The Independent

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