Chaos Erupted After Somali Muslims Overran A Minnesota Caucus!

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Yet another example of liberals who don’t understand how to act like civilized human beings. A group of Somalian refugees overcrowded a building where a caucus event was taking place for the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party. The results were not good. Everyone was behaving like animals. They shoved and pushed until a bloody fight broke out. Over four hundred people were crammed into this tiny auditorium called the Brian Coyle Community Center.

When officials from the fire department arrived they sent people from the caucus outside to the local Currie Park. It was located right next to the Coyle Center. Because the event ended with the police being called, delegates for the citywide convention were not chosen and the process has been delayed.

The caucus was taking place because the mayor’s office, as well as other city council seats, are up for re-election. Which means that it is caucus time and the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party is the one that chooses delegates for every candidate running at the local caucus meetings.

The large number of Somalis that showed is likely correlated to the fact that one of the Council Member’s is Abdi Warsame who is being challenged by a gentleman named Mohamud Noor. Noor told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune that things escalated because they were not prepared for the high turnout as well as very poor organization.

Authorities were called to shut down the event, because of the drastic turn it took and medical professionals had to be called. People were seen bleeding all over the floor while some were trying to clean it up.

The event took place in Minneapolis which is a well-known sanctuary city. They along with cities like Detroit and Chicago have massive populations of refugees and illegal immigrants. So much so they outnumber American citizens and people of Caucasian descent. The sixth ward, where the fight took place, is dominated by people of Somali descent.

This is exactly the reason why fire departments and local city ordinances have maximum limits on buildings. Because situations like this can arise and when one fight breaks out, it is extraordinarily easy for things to turn out of hand very fast. As seen in the fact that a bloody brawl ensued.

Democrats should be ashamed and embarrassed that this is the environment they have created. One where refugees flee to the United States with very little vetting. Violence like this is unacceptable and if we didn’t have an open door policy for so long, like we did under the Obama administration, an incident like this would never have occurred.

We live in a civilized society and people should be able to partake in political discourse and civically participate, without having to worry about walking away with a bloodied face. But considering the turn this country has taken since President Obama took office over eight years ago nothing is shocking anymore.

Nonetheless, there is no excuse for such behavior and those who escalated the fights should have to pay with a little jail time and restitution for any damaged property or medical expenses accrued to injured parties.

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