Celebrities March With Students at Gun Control Rally: Well-Armed Security Everywhere

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Hollywood stars are taking a break from filming absolute garbage and taking nude selfies for Harvey Weinstein to march against gun violence.

The March for Lives, whose name is stubbornly close to the anti-abortion March For Life, is also aiming to protect the lives of innocent youngsters by restricting the legal ability of others to callously take their lives on a lark.

Since press agents in the outright liberal movie and music industries think that the March for Lives is a fantastic place to be seen, celebrities are joining students in a loud cry for attention. The students can grow out of this nonsense, but the celebrities are even worse: Each and every one of them relies on armed guards, high walls and security background checks in their personal and professional lives.

The celebs didn’t exactly draw attention that they had hulking security fellas at their elbows, but they’d be lying to your face if they told you otherwise. Here are a few of the Oscar-winning, pop song-singing entertainers who took to the streets before going back home to their walled mansions.

George Clooney

In the last few months we’ve been having a barrel of laughs at Clooney for putting his strongly held beliefs aside long enough to become upset that the migrants pouring into Europe are ruining his pretty little vacation home. He recently announced that he would be moving back to the safety of his Studio City mansion in Los Angeles after deciding that his chi-chi 17th century home in England was not quite safe enough for his then-pregnant (and more highly accomplished) wife Amal. In the past, Amal Clooney has railed against ISIS in her work as an international human rights attorney, and Georgey Boy felt that England was just a bit too Shariah-compliant to risk his wife being captured and murdered by friends of Islam.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga was one of the celebrity marchers at the event to protest guns. Lady Gaga used to perform on stage wearing a “rifle bra” over each cup. Gaga has previously milked the gays for accolades before moving on to transgenders where she wanted more trannies with guns on the front lines of the military, and now it’s guns as a whole. Guns are only cool when they’re being used by lefties to make money or “art.” Madonna’s a kook but at least she was original compared to this knockoff.

Miley Cyrus

This photo was posted to Miley’s Instagram page on Christmas of 2014.

Billy Ray’s shame decided to wear pants long enough to go squabble into a microphone. I can’t believe that Dolly Parton is this woman’s godmother. Poor Dolly has been hassled for years for her ability to keep her mouth shut when it comes to politics.

 Amy Schumer

Strong Woman Comedian Amy Schumer, a close relative of Chuck Schumer, has happily used guns in her routines in the past. Amy spoke at the event, as well. I’d post the video but you and I know it’s not worth watching.

Paul McCartney

Macca dragged himself out of whatever yoga retreat he’s been living on to remind us that the wrong Beatle got shot in New York that faithful day. Not pictured: Ringo, because he doesn’t want to anger half of his fans.

Last year, McCartney’s handlers got into a tiff with an Australian arena when Paul’s guys demanded that every concert goer must be waved with a metal detector before heading in. The request was eventually revoked, but all 40,000 attendees had their bags searched. Paul’s important, see, and he deserves the massive security perimeter.

Kim K & Kanye

Power couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West also attended with one of their weirdly named children.

Recently after being threatened with guns by a robber, Kim K announced that she would take advantage of 24 hour security personnel and would never be left alone. I can’t blame her for wanting the best, but I can call her a slimebucket for wanting to prevent other people from securing their own homes.

Parading Children To Shame You Into Action

Dear reader, I’m not calling you old per se but it’s been 54 years since that obnoxious “Daisy” ad for Lyndon B. Johnson where some cute little girl gets personally nuked by Russians. I’ll fancy a guess that these high schooler have never seen the ad because it’s not on SnapChat or whatever the Hell kids are using to send explicit photos to each other.

I look forward to seeing all of the revelatory articles in a decade as these kids grow up and realize they were used by a bunch of substance-abusing celebrities for a photo op.

David Hogg has been elbowing his way in front of the cameras while the bodies of victims of Parkland were still warm and his fall is already happening in real time.

‘Exhausted’ David Hogg Calls Govt An ‘Old-A*s Parent”

…more likely, it’s the mommy that soothes him and tucks him into bed at night and the daddy who pays for all of his expenses. Poor baby said that he was exhausted from all the work and his best-presented argument against the Second Amendment is that the Government is like when mom tells you to turn off the Xbox and go to bed.

Hilarious: Hogg’s Grades Terrible, Gets Rejected From Every College

So far, Not With A Hair On His Chinny Chin Chin has been focused too much on saving the world to bother to think about his future. In a later tweet he talks about stress eating delicious chocolate chip muffins to deal with the rejection, and then says he might do a gap year to do some internships and “work on [elections] midterms.”

On second thought, I hope he does get accepted somewhere and goes away for the next four years working on some stupid degree. Thank God colleges aren’t falling over themselves to hand this idiot a scholarship. His marks much be atrocious to be let down this hard by the left-wing college system.

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