CBS Allegedly Fires Innocent Woman For ‘Leaking’ Video On ABC Burying Epstein Story: ‘I Am Not The Leaker’

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Journalist Megyn Kelly interviewed ABC’s alleged whistleblower during an exclusive interview posted on her Instagram account on Friday. The poor woman denied being the whistleblower and is beside herself over this. Bianco said she had never heard of O’Keefe before the story broke. James O’Keefe denies she is the leaker as well… in fact, the actual leaker released a letter today. They are still at CBS. Looks like they fired the wrong person. I feel a lawsuit coming on.

ABC’s Amy Robach got caught on a hot mic venting her frustration that the network killed her interview with Jeffrey Epstein’s accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre from three years ago. This is according to a video Project Veritas released on Tuesday. The anchor said Buckingham Palace threatened ABC News after finding out Prince Andrew was a part of the story and added that she “had all of” the reporting years ago. Epstein was accused of sex-trafficking children.

From The Daily Caller:

“The woman who has been accused of having access to the tape is former ABC News producer Ashley Bianco, 25, who spoke to Kelly in an exclusive interview after CBS News fired her Wednesday. She worked at CBS for just four days after leaving ABC before being fired, she told Kelly. Executives at the outlet allegedly informed CBS of the situation prior to her firing, journalist Yashar Ali reported.

“It wasn’t me, I’m not the whistleblower. … The leaker’s still inside,” Bianco said.

“They [Project Veritas] released the video, and you know I was shocked, but I didn’t think anything of it,” Bianco said in the tearful interview. She admitted to clipping the video for “office gossip,” but said she had no intention of embarrassing ABC or Robach.

“I begged, I pleaded, I didn’t know what I’d done wrong,” Bianco said. “And, you know, I just … I wasn’t even given the professional courtesy to defend myself. I didn’t know what I’d been accused of. It was humiliating. It was devastating.”

“After the video leaked Tuesday, ABC News confirmed in a statement that it was trying to find the source of the leak. It is not known if Bianco leaked the video, but the network allegedly had knowledge she had access to the tape. Bianco said she had no idea why she was fired and denied leaking the video.

“We take violations of company policy very seriously, and we’re pursuing all avenues to determine the source of the leak,” an ABC spokesperson said, according to Ali.

“ABC News denied killing the story due to pressure from powerful individuals and said Tuesday that “not all of our reporting met our standards to air.” It added that “we have never stopped investigating the story.” The outlet said it has a team dedicated to investigating the allegations against Epstein and that “a two-hour documentary and 6-part podcast” will air in 2020.

“Robach also walked back her comments, attributing them to a moment of frustration. She said in a statement Tuesday that the interview with Giuffre “didn’t air because we could not obtain sufficient corroborating evidence to meet ABC’s standards.”

“Bianco appears to have deleted her Twitter and LinkedIn following being fired from CBS News.”

This is what happens when you panic and get paranoid, running around yelling, “Off with their heads!” and “Just do something!” before you even do a full investigation of the leak. It just makes CBS and ABC look even more guilty here.

In a lengthy letter published on Project Veritas’ website, the person purporting to be the whistleblower revealed why he or she decided to release the footage to the site. The letter is entitled, “Why I, alone, released the Amy Robach Epstein tape.” The leaker said, “I came forward with this information bearing no motives other than to have this information public.”

“I did not and do not seek any personal gain from this information whether it be financial or otherwise and will always decline,” the person — who goes by “Ignotus” — wrote. “When I became aware of this moment, I had the same reaction as many of you did. Anger, confusion, and sadness.”

You can read the letter in its entirety below:

To my fellow man:

I came forward with this information bearing no motives other than to have this information public. I did not and do not seek any personal gain from this information whether it be financial or otherwise and will always decline. When I became aware of this moment, I had the same reaction as many of you did. Anger, confusion and sadness. I care not about petty political quarrels and only hope for the best in all of us.

To my fellow ABC News employees:

I’ve walked the halls experiencing similar feelings we are all having right now. All of you regardless of your own personal differences in one form or another do an outstanding job. I sincerely enjoy working with each and every one of you and will continue to do so throughout our careers.

To those wrongfully accused:

It is terrible that you have been lashed out at by the company. I know some may put the burden of guilt on me, but my conscience is clear. The actions of the company towards you are the result of their own and not anyone else. The public outcry, from coast to coast, of all people, creeds, and political affiliations, is clear. I have not one doubt that there will always be support for you, and you will have prosperous careers. For neither you, nor I, have done anything wrong.

To Amy Robach:

You are the only person deserving of an apology. I am most certainly sorry. Not for my actions or for this to center around you, but for what is clear to have happened. When I first stumbled across this, my initial reaction was outrage. But this soon turned towards empathy. I can not imagine doing all the hard work to only have it shelved. If the past few years have taught us anything, it is the truth that some of us have endured many hardships in this industry. From the spiking of stories regarding prominent and powerful people in this world, and to yours. I believe you are an outstanding reporter and have done such tremendous work in the community as well.

To ABC News:

I sit right here with you all in complete shock. I, like many, are at a loss for words on how this has been handled. Instead of addressing this head-on like the company has in the past, it has spun into a mission of seek-and-destroy. Innocent people that have absolutely nothing to do with this are being hunted down as if we are all a sport. I challenge all of you to actually look inwards and remember why this company engages in journalism. We all hold the First Amendment at the foundation of this company, yet forget its history, its purpose, and its reasoning for even coming into existence to begin with. How lost we are… yearning to be found. I went to Project Veritas for the sole reason that any other media outlet else would have probably shelved this as well. I thank all of them, and James, for seeking truth.

We are all human and mortal, creatures of mistakes and redemption.

The road to redemption favors no soul.


A partial transcript of Megyn Kelly’s interview is as follows:

MEGYN KELLY: Did you leak the tape? 


KELLY: Not to anyone at any time?

BIANCO: No, never.

KELLY: Did you make a clip of the moment?

BIANCO: I did, but I saved it in the internal system.

KELLY: What was your job at ABC?

BIANCO: I was a crash producer.

KELLY: Okay, so a producer. And you were in the control room when Amy [Robach] made those comments?

BIANCO: I wasn’t in the control room, but I was watching the comments while I was at my desk and I had seen what she was saying and I went to my manager and said: “Do you see what she’s saying? Does she know she’s on a hot mic?” The assistant said to us that Amy knew she was on a mic and that she knew she was being broadcasted to all the affiliates.

KELLY: Right. This is a moment where she’s off the air and doing tapped promos, but she has a mic on and people can see and hear her.


KELLY: So what did you do? You clipped the moment, marked the moment in the system?

BIANCO: Yeah, I just clipped it off. I essentially marked it in the system. It never left the system. We do it all the time.

KELLY: Did you tell the manager that you had clipped it?

BIANCO: I did not.

KELLY: Did you think it was newsworthy what she was saying?

BIANCO: Everyone in the office was freaked out about what she was saying. Everyone was watching it.

KELLY: In the fall, you decided to leave ABC to go where?

BIANCO: To CBS. I only left purely because CBS had offered me a good contract. And so I left and was really excited to start a new job.

KELLY: And so this week, you’re sitting at CBS doing your job and what happens with Project Veritas?

BIANCO: They released the video and I was shocked, but I didn’t think anything of it.

KELLY: How many days had you been at CBS?

BIANCO: Only four days. I begged and pleaded. I didn’t know what I had done wrong. I wasn’t even given the professional courtesy to defend myself. I didn’t know what I had been accused of. It was humiliating and devastating.

In the end, it might not be anyone at ABC proper. As Bianco stated the leaker could have been any number of the affiliates that she said were being broadcast to at that very moment. As RedState pointed out, this makes the potential number of suspects who could have leaked the video to O’Keefe grow to hundreds, if not thousands.

Someone fired this woman so they could have the credit of taking the leaker down. It is yet another disgusting move by ABC News in its mission to coverup the truth about a coverup involving powerful people attached to a child sex ring. Massive fail.

One thing is for sure… Megyn Kelly is back and she did a very professional job here.

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