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Newsflash! This week Kim Kardashian wore a THONG BIKINI for a photo shoot in Thailand! Aren’t you enthralled? I know I’m not. But the sad thing is, endless millions of people are enthralled at the idea of following Kim Kardashian’s butt…

Firefox is Feeling the Pain

The above chart is from the Firefox input page... The red line indicates the people that are "Sad" and the green represents the "Happy" people. It seems that about 91% of the comments coming are "Sad." Below I have listed just a few of…

Noah’s Sinking Ark

Of course I realize that poetic license is an artist's right, but when a story I already know gets run over and the artist backs up and runs it over again, that license should be suspended.

I have HAD IT

I have HAD IT Please…please let me go on a rant. Because every single day, living under this regime, is an outrage. The Malaysian jet thingy – yeah! Like no one could see that coming! I’ve been warning about something like this for…