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Fighting Fire With Memories

There are a lot of fires out here in the west folks. One in my neck of the Idaho woods brought up some memories Memories surface and for seconds, minutes, even all afternoon you are somewhere else in time, wondering how it all leads…



Killing Marine Life with Ethanol

Ethanol damages your cars, small engines, food budget – and kills Gulf of Mexico animals Ethanol and other biofuel mandates and subsidies got started when politicians bought into claims that we are rapidly depleting our petroleum, and…

Fixing our dictatorial EPA

EPA, White House and activists must no longer deceive America and rule by executive fiat Last year, Congress enacted 72 new laws and federal agencies promulgated 3,659 new rules, imposing $1.86 trillion in annual regulatory compliance…



Lettuce Forget Chavez

By Tom DeWeese A new film entitled “Cesar Chaves, American Hero,” will invade American theaters this Spring. I’m calling on all patriotic Americans to boycott and picket this piece of Hollywood propaganda trash and give Cesar Chavez…